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Al-Maliki at the Cairo Summit called for activation of the OIC and a new strategy to embrace moderate Islam

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Al-Maliki at the Cairo Summit called for activation of the OIC and a new strategy to embrace moderate Islam
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 16: 34


Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called to activate the OIC to meet the challenges facing the Muslim Ummah.

Al-Maliki said in a speechAt the opening session of the OIC SummitHeld in CairoOn behalf of the Arabic States as Iraq, President of the current session of Arabic "we need a strong organization with the capacity and effectiveness of decision-making in matters of Islamic States and no! not be only by standing with all Member States".

"We need a new strategy to build on already and work to meet the challenges facing the Islamic nation must take courageous stands on record in which an active presence among Nations and peoples where Islam pose of moderation and compromise which respects human rights and this is not far from the Islamic nation to its constituents that make her able to do the lead role among the peoples of the world".

Maliki stressed the need for the Organization to active role towards the Islamic Ummah as the Palestinian issue and the continued Israeli aggression which still violates all the international resolutions and the latest attack on Syrian territory and must stand with responsibility for events in Syria, which is still undergoing further acts of violence, killing and destruction and we need here to pause is responsible for maintaining the unity of the Syrian territory and people. "

The Prime Minister called for "intensified efforts to erase cultural ideas and negative perception on Islam in its violence and terror and to fight the accusations against Islam as a religion that believes in violence and supports terrorism, should renounce the sectarianism that has become abhorrent weapon tearing flesh and unity of the nation."

"We are facing serious challenges today and wait for urgent solutions in order to unify positions to encircle the crises that erupt from the country to the other through internal or external movements differences."

Al-Maliki concluded his speech by saying that "to be on top of what we develop frameworks and mechanisms to activate the role of the Organization and say that once the meeting under this heading for us Muslims is important but we need to be stronger and more effective organization and not be so only when we stand with them, adding to the diversity of religious affiliations in the Islamic nation is a source of richness and strength."

The Islamic Summit at its twelfth session,Kdantalkot on Wednesday, in the Egyptian capital of Cairo,Under the slogan [Islamic world. new challenges and growing opportunities], headed by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, and the presence of Kings and leaders in Muslim States or their representatives.

Iraq is represented at the Islamic Summit Conference which lasts for two days an official delegation headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who arrived in Cairo on Tuesday, was greeted by Egyptian electricity Minister Ahmed Mostafa Shaaban, the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo good God and Ambassador Nazar qais Al-Azzawi, Iraq's permanent delegate to the League of Arabic and filled the Office of administrator of Rauf Yasin Messenger PUK and Iraqi Embassy Consul General Abdelrahim Hamdan Al-shuwaili and Jamal Mustafa Hamza relations officer Embassy diplomatic attache Adel Hamadi Financial Director, Maj. Gen. Abdul Salam Alwan khammas Iraqi military attache and Embassy staff and Caesar Ahmed Al-Hashemi, Regional Director of the airlines in Egypt and a number of Iraqi journalists in Cairo.

The Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Hall of honor of the Cairo International Airport, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and the two sides discussed means of activating bilateral cooperation between the two countries in all fields, as well as to discuss the current situation in the region.

The Iraqi delegation included Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Minister of higher education and scientific research on the author and Minister of culture Agency, Defense Minister Saadoun al-dulaimi and the State of law Coalition MP Hanan Fatlawi, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance only Talabani and Sadr MP Saleh Al-hasnawi, the delegation also included the Prime Minister's media adviser Ali al-Musawi, the leader of the State of law Coalition Abdel Halim zuhairi and Hamid Khalaf Ahmed, Director of the Office of the Prime Minister

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