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With international companies specialized information technology General Company for Information Systems announces its desire to hold partnerships and agreements

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With international companies specialized information technology
General Company for Information Systems announces its desire to hold partnerships and agreements
Baghdad / justice - 01/20/2013 - 1:12 am | Hits: 6

Announced the General Company for information systems of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals desire to contract with a number of Arab and international companies sober for the execution of large and specialized projects in Iraq, a joint collaboration according to the mechanism and conditions of pre-defined

The general director of the company Sufian navigator according to a statement of the ministry he was approved presentations by five of these companies, including (UA British IBM U.S. and MDS and ACT, etc.) and company awaiting obtaining the required approvals to complete the contracting procedures for the direct implementation of programs development, especially as the ministry has agreed to the inclusion of a project to produce identity cards at the General Company for Information Systems phases for the years 2013 and 2014, noting that it has allocated an amount of seven billion and ninety nine million for the current year for the implementation of the first phase of the project, which includes the production of identities after importing raw material rolls or sheets, plastic ready for second phase production identities of plastic granules, explaining that this project came within preparations company to implement important projects including the project card standard for citizens in favor of the Interior Ministry and project identity state employees in coordination with the Ministries of Interior and Planning and the public pension in line with the directives of the state for the manufacture of these identities within Iraq for security reasons, technical and pursuit of company to reduce costs and increase profits, pointing out that it past collaboration with Microsoft Corp. under an agreement signed earlier. For its part, showed Ms. Nidal Adnan Hassan Associate Director-General said that the company carried out and implemented numerous projects for the Ministry of Industry and other ministries as the work in accordance with the principle of self-financing of having to make great efforts to attract employment contracts where the company has succeeded recently in signing a contract with the Ministry of Education to implement a school project electronic for twenty school and license an annual rate of one million nine hundred thousand dinars per school and made presentations technical and commercial to automate the work of each of the Hajj and Umrah and Endowment Shiite as well as commissioning Company officially by the General Secretariat of the Council of cabinets to implement a project system of customs tariffs, a national project which the State seeks to implement to control exports and imports and get economic reports and accurate financial serve the work of many ministries, including the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Finance in addition to the General Authority for Customs as the concerned mainly in implementation committee will trade balance its recommendations to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers based on what has been learned from visits to a number of Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon or that you will visit later such as the United Arab Emirates for the regimes customs applied where and confirmed that application of such a system must face a number of problems and obstacles as well as the need to monitor the huge sums of money note that the company has proposed to start the implementation of the project in one border crossings few movement to test the success. At the same context explained Prime programmers Npras Abdul Latif Abdul Ridha, head of production systems at the General Company for information systems that department production systems is one of the technical sections major company being responsible for the preparation and study software systems from the stage of collection requirements down to the design and development (programming) and employ them for the application by the beneficiaries and projects undertaken by the department are two types The first type systems applied Most institutions need them to organize and manage its internal affairs systems like individuals and salaries, stores and accounting system and Type II systems especially the authorities request by the nature of their work, and added that the most important plans section future is to convert all systems used in the company to Integrated Systems in each other to ensure the standardization of information sources to reduce errors and reduce the effort involved in getting information where it was to start converting individuals depending on the system web applications to be information available to users inside and outside the organization.

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