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Iraqi parliament is moving to amend the law «accountability and justice» Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsotaliraq%26hl%3Den%26pwst%3D1%26prmd%3Dimvns&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&twu=1&u=

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Iraqi parliament is moving to amend the law «accountability and justice»

18-01-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad - Al-Hayat

Friday, January 18, 2013
Seen the Iraqi parliament in the coming days on a proposal made by the bloc «rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to modify «Accountability and Justice, will allow thousands of former Baathists back to their jobs, and refer others to retire.

The repeal of the «accountability and justice of the leading demands of the demonstrators in a number of Iraqi cities.

The head of the National Reconciliation Commission and parliamentary accountability MP Qais Cdhir in a statement to «life» that block the «rule of law» submitted the proposed amendment in the «March last in the hope that the Committee will consider the proposal to be forwarded to the presidency of the parliament.

He pointed out that «the amendment means all uprooted decisions of accountability and justice, who were holding a government job salary pension, according to the laws and regulations circuits that originate them, and specifically who have completed active duty 15, does not exclude elements Fedayeen Saddam if applicable them the requirements referred to».

He added that «can rank of Division Member or below in the dissolved Baath Party to return to his job, either of the highest degree was from a member of the Division is referred to retire either completed active duty or not.

He pointed out that «studied proposed amendment took a long time has not ratified it yet, note that most of the parliamentary blocs have been supportive to tack amendments and is expected to be voted on soon.

And got the «life» of the Commission 'national reconciliation', a copy of the proposal and there is a tendency for approval within days.

The text includes amendments relating to the definition of the term 'agents of the regime', with the words «to prove that a judicial decision has gained become final.

The proposal included the amendment of article 6 on the actions taken against belonging to the Baath Party as follows: «terminate the services of all employees, those who were highly member branch and retirement under service law in force and to refer all employees who occupy a special grades (general manager or equivalent and above) who were highly member of the Division in the ranks of the Baath Party to retire A_i_ina of age requirement and service to the law of service and retirement force and end the services of security personnel who were convicted under judicial decisions gained become final in the suppression of the Iraqi people to retire under the law of service and retirement force ».

And prevents volunteers in Saddam's Fedayeen of any pension rights to their work in the above mentioned with the exception of military personnel who were taken to the above mentioned orders from higher authority.

The amendments included «Allow all employees with special grades who were the rank of Division Member or below in the ranks of the Baath Party to return to their constituencies and to continue in their jobs or retirement at their request under the law of service and retirement in force.

According to the amendments also: »does not allow for members of the people to return to the service or continue from the three governing bodies and the Supreme Judicial Council and the ministries and security agencies and the ministries of foreign affairs, finance and convey who belong to these circles to other circles, not distract pension or grant for each of the belong to Baath Party after 20/3/2003 and replaced to prevent distracting functions special grades (general manager or equivalent from above and directors of administrative units) of the rank of Division Member or above in the ranks of the Baath Party.

And canceled the project paragraph which states that «the fall of the rights set forth in the preceding paragraphs for each person judicially prove his participation crimes against the Iraqi people or enriched at the expense of public money.

The proposal stipulated that «the provisions of the new law applies retroactively and that the body issuing instructions to be performed on completed all its work within one year from the effective date of the law».

He was chairman of the «Accountability and Justice Falah Shanshal called in press statements covered by the law to provide treatment of pensions within 60 days, accusing the former members of the Commission not to carry out their duties, pointed out that« the current actual work began only three months ago.

The political differences took place on the procedures followed by the 'de-Baathification' past and led to the deportation of many politicians from participating in the political process, while the House of Representatives initiated law «Justice and Accountability in the previous session instead of 'de-Baathification'.

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