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Urgent .. [Where] reveal details of the closed-door meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs and what was agreed upon on the demands of the demonstrators

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Urgent .. [Where] reveal details of the closed-door meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs and what was agreed upon on the demands of the demonstrators
Sunday, December 06, 2 / January 2013 21:21

[Baghdad - where]

Talks saw the closed-door meeting held by the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi with heads of parliamentary blocs today regarding the demands of the demonstrators several agreements relating to Article [4] terrorism and amnesty laws and the fight against terrorism and the Justice and Accountability and the Federal Court.

The parliamentary source was present at the meeting told all of Iraq [where] today that "the mass of citizens and the Liberal bloc and the Kurdistan Alliance refused to comment article [4] terrorism, was a proposal to amend Article through new mechanisms of implementation and then transferred to the legal committee parliamentary re-drafting of the law and determine covered by Article. "

"And with regard to the amnesty law has been taking the demand for mass citizen that does not include any person who hands stained with the blood of Iraqis to this law, drafted under this title any other formulations for a vote."

The source continued, "With regard to the Justice and Accountability Law [de-Baathification previously], it was agreed that the law needs to be amended so that the final decision of the judiciary, and to stop the selectivity in the implementation of resolution or implementation exception was this proposal represents demand bloc citizen who supported the Sadrists and the Kurds, while The Iraqi List, with its abolition did not get the approval of this cancellation, and it was agreed that this Act shall be amended in line with the Constitution. "

And digress "With regard to anti-terrorism law has been agreed to modify while insisting the Iraqi List to revoke it completely, but the mass of the citizen and the Sadrist movement insisted on the amendment only, the fact that the situation in the country can not afford to revoke it fully."

"With regard to the law of the Federal Court, it was agreed to put it on the agenda at one of the sessions of Parliament during this week."

The agency all of Iraq [where] I got a copy of the demands made ​​by the protesters to the House of Representatives for discussion and approval in parliament, which included regarding Parliament suspending article [4] terrorism in all its articles, and to stop all the issues related to this law until revoked by the Board of House of Representatives, and claim the House of Representatives to speed up the legislation and approve the amnesty law with the deletion of exceptions, and the release of all detainees, as well as to stop working the law of accountability and justice until revoked by the House of Representatives, and speed up the formation Federal Supreme Court judges honest professionals who do not belong to the block political or party involved in the judgment to be to eliminate its independence and not politicized. "

The demonstrators demand in terms of elimination has included re-investigation in cases involving religious and national symbols in both inside and outside Iraq before an impartial judicial bodies free from political influence.

The rest of the demands of the demonstrators regarding government has included the release of all detainees accused under the law of terrorism, and to refer the accused in criminal cases to Mhafezathen and women Baghdad to Anbar province exclusively, and the transfer issue and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and protection to judicial institutions in Anbar, and to hold negligent and rapists in the violations above publicly, and to stop executions in response to international calls to halt the implementation of these provisions and achieve balance in all institutions Aldoualh and especially the military, security, judiciary, executive and direct the actions necessary to ensure a decent life for all Iraqis.

As well as prompted to cancel leaders operations in all provinces of Iraq and appliances secretary unconstitutional and pull the Iraqi army from cities and residential neighborhoods in Baghdad and the provinces and lifting concrete barriers for being a racial discrimination and work to ensure the security of citizens in the new Iraq and entrust maintain security to the local police from the people of the country, and re-investigation cases involving religious symbols and national inside and outside Iraq before the judicial bodies neutral far from political influence and the prohibition of the use of phrases and slogans sectarian institutions state and private security, as well as in all the media and conduct a comprehensive census before the general elections with details belonging to all Iraqis of doctrine and national and religious.

It also included demands of the demonstrators also invited avoid night raids random, and the accused is arrested the day and of the methods legal and repeal confidential informant and not listening to him, and bring all the mosques and houses of worship and waqf property and possessions of citizens own usurped under the concept of forfeiture, and the abolition of the law [19] for 2005 . ended.

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