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Britain: We are not concerned about the convergence of Iraq, Iran and call on Baghdad to open up to everyone

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Britain: We are not concerned about the convergence of Iraq, Iran and call on Baghdad to open up to everyone
Details The Time On Monday, December 17 1 / December 2012 18:31 Group: Iraq News Hits: 2

British embassy on Monday, not for fear of London from "convergence" Iraqi-Iranian relations, as demanded Iraq "openness" on the countries in the region all, confirmed that the British government will invite companies to invest in Wasit province, revealing a tendency for the restoration of "the effects British" in Iraq are "worthy of the sacrifices of British troops in Iraq."

Deputy British Ambassador Robert Dean said in an interview to the (long-Presse) during his visit to Wasit province, today, said that "in the interest of Iraq openness to countries in the region, all of which Iraq's neighbors and build relationships developed between him and his neighbors," asserting that "Britain is not afraid of convergence Iraqi-Iranian relations because this private matter of the two countries and their right to determine the level and size of the relations between them. "

Dean pointed out that "Britain has close ties with Iraq, which encouraged them to play a major role in the liberation of Iraq from the grip of the former regime, and has perceptions that this relationship will evolve in the near future to serve the interests of the Iraqi people and the British."

And religion and that "Britain tried through many statements clarification of the Iraqi government and Iraqi Prime Minister position of the Iranian government."

He acknowledged Deputy British Ambassador, on the other hand, hardly develop relations British Iranian, noting that it "in the level of difficult but we hope for her to get better," pointing out that "Britain has played a major role in promoting the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, and work to forget vestiges of the past between the two countries" .

And pledged British Deputy Ambassador in Iraq, "Search Companies his country to enter the Wasit province and invest in various sectors of civil," he said, adding that he "found a number of useful investment opportunities for those companies and stable ideal security."

The governor of Wasit province announced, in 12/05/2012, the government's approval of federal opening bank Iranians in the city of Kut and the formation of an Iraqi committee Iranian to discuss the possibility of establishing a free trade zone in the port Zurbatiyah, stressing that the meeting was held in the port Mehran Iranian officials of Wasit and Eelam examined the prospects of joint cooperation between the two provinces.

Dean said during a press conference held in the building of Wasit province and attended (range Presse) that the visit to the province of Wasit, "marks the beginning of other visits we will be later Iraq's provinces and focused this visit two important discuss the future of trade and investment cooperation with the local government in Wasit and the second goal to stand on the nature of the British soldiers cemetery in Kut. "

Dean stressed that "the British government will in the near future to develop soldiers graves in Iraq, including the tomb of Kut and beautifully show worthy of the sacrifices of soldiers and officers who are buried in it."

He said religion "I also had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the British commander Tauzind in Al Kut, which is not far from the cemetery only a hundred meters but is also in need of development and highlight the aesthetic of this historical evidence maintained by the Iraqis, although succession of governments and regimes."

For his part, governor of Wasit Mahdi al-Zubaidi during the press conference which was attended by military attache at the British Embassy in addition to the police chief in Wasit The "certificate Deputy British Ambassador and declared admiration security situation stable in Wasit, is the testimony we cherish and we will make of which starting point because we call companies country for investment in the provinces and in all civil sectors. "

He pointed out that "the local government also provided some observations made in respect of the British Cemetery in the center of the city of Kut and the actual need to develop and rehabilitate after neglect the nation affected recently."

The recent period has witnessed the rise level of economic coordination between Kut and the neighboring Iranian province of Ilam have culminated in agreement on the establishment of a free trade zone between the two sides near port Zurbatiyah border between the two countries.

Noteworthy that the British cemetery in Kut, one of the most important evidence of the First World War, 1914 1918, and is part of the history of the war and Britain.

And includes the cemetery remains 450 of the British soldiers who participated in the war fought by armies British and Ottoman in the town of Kut, south of Baghdad, and the British army then bury its dead in the cemetery, and remained the British embassy in Baghdad is sponsoring the cemetery also was British citizens visiting the cemetery, before the war in 1991 , and the embassy stopped supporting the sponsorship process.

Located those cemetery at a distance not far from the headquarters of the British commander Tauzind, a luxury home that time rented from a men Kut according to remind seniors and historians in the city, is located the headquarters in the center of the commercial markets, specifically in the street called (Ekd العلوة ), which means that the street in which it was located alwa selling cattle and sell vegetables as well.

States that the most important parameters of economic and trade relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom is the investment conference which was held in Britain on (30 April 2009) and attended by Prime Minister with a number of ministers who represented various economic sectors and the President of the National Investment Commission in addition to a large number of Iraqi businessmen The British prime minister and a wide range of companies and British businessmen.

The year 2011 also saw a number of conferences on investment opportunities in Iraq attended by high-level officials from Iraq and Britain with a large number of British companies operating in the field of energy, oil and Iraqi businessmen and the British.

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