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Writer and Assistant US Secretary presiding over a meeting of the Coordinating Committee in the strategic framework agreement

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Writer and Assistant US Secretary presiding over a meeting of the Coordinating Committee in the strategic framework agreement
Published: 6: 01 pm, December 17, 2012 by ipa 2 views: 18

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Baghdad (IBA).Minister of higher education and scientific research on the writer, Assistant Secretary of State Richard schmierer, the third meeting of the Iraqi-American Committee for cooperation in the fields of culture and education within the strategic framework agreement signed between Iraq and the United States in 2008.

The meeting took place on Monday in the capital, with the participation of the Iraqi delegation, led by writer and comprises senior officials from the ministries of higher education, education, sports and youth, science and technology, tourism and antiquities, with the US side was represented by Assistant Secretary of State Richard shimrer and US Ambassador to Iraq Stephen bikroft and Senior Adviser for culture, education and other officials.

He said us "featured the members of the Committee will meet us in the heart of the Iraqi capital Baghdad which integrated elements of sovereignty, to initiate prompt activation of the wide cultural and educational relations and fruitful with the United States, based on knowledge exchange between the two civilized they aspire to or after closer cultural and educational relations between them, and the exchange of ideas and views on everything that makes knowledge worthy of partnership".

He said Iraq "looks, and through the strategic framework agreement governing Iraq-US relations, to develop effective programmes can contribute to the establishment of a genuine partnership between Iraq and the United States", describing the partnership as "worthy of the two, one, Iraq, rooted in cultural history, penetrating to a depth of more than 7 thousand years, during which he wrote the first poem in the world, and developed the first mathematical equation, and the first character in the history of mankind, which enacted the first human laws. In another country, completed a United States, the largest integrated cultural system of the State in modern times. "

The writer said relations between Iraq and the United States "but over the past decades, many complications, and maybe taken one side or the other of the view, or in the intersection or approaching interest. But no one can deny that in Iraq now, a regionally and culturally, economically, socially and culturally, it takes to play a leading role in the Middle East region, as the first real democracy in the Arab world and one of the most successful new democratic models of the world and the most influential on the future of the region ".

He expressed the belief that "there is a moral obligation directly decisive for the United States toward Iraq, it should be a great power like the United States to adhere to this moral commitment and performance", stressing that Iraq "still need to rebuild itself in all cultural areas, and certainly our academic and cultural areas and knowledge, no country offered to Iraq who suffered from wars and blockades that this burden alone, without partner with a developed country such as the United States Itself ".

He went to Iraq "wants the partners, including the United States, which represents the largest partner to Iraq at this stage, be aware that Iraq now leading scientific and Cultural Renaissance with unique democratic experience which arose following the change, cannot count on the success of the Renaissance without understanding our partners to develop our knowledge was considerable devastation during the defunct Sadam", stating that "the Covenant, which were aggressive and stupid adventures and years of oppression and humiliation suffered by the The Iraqi people, all the factors promoting that people should have to build themselves, and most of these factors we believe are scientific and cognitive structure affected a lot of abuse and vandalism ".

The transformation that linked Iraq's expectations primarily by the knowledge that the secret of building the country, lies in the ability to build itself, as the most expensive and most important capital in the process of making the future of Iraq, which encouraged us to be the first and major step we have focused in Iraq, the rebuilding of Iraqi cultural and educational system, "he said, adding that" the bulk of running Iraq at this stage, is the issue of epistemological approaches and cultural industry contributes to the building of the demolished Human, to overcome past covenants backlog and its fallout stands on top of rising religious extremism and sectarian spirit and thought that the Baath regime to over-administration stemmed from Iraq. "

He said a joint statement issued after the meeting, the meeting co-chaired by us Assistant Secretary of State "is an update of the previous meeting held in February 2012 in Washington, d.c., to continue efforts to expand joint cooperation frameworks in the areas of primary, secondary and higher education, in the area of heritage and cultural exchange between the US and Iraqi peoples."

The statement added that the Iraqi and American sides "agreed that the two countries have made remarkable progress in all areas of educational and cultural cooperation, and stressed the importance of increasing academic and cultural exchange links between Iraq and the United States as a key component in building strong and fruitful bilateral relations between the two sides."

"The last annual report of the academic mobility, entitled" open doors "which point increase by an estimated nearly 31% in the number of Iraqi students studying in the United States for the academic year 2011-2012, attests to the progress made by the two sides in this field of academic cooperation," adding that "State scholarship programs in Iraq, and the US Fulbright program, educational advice network of America, as a whole, in increasing the number of Iraqi students in the United States, where Iraq's Government aims to send At least 25% of the beneficiaries of scholarships abroad, to universities and colleges.

The statement noted that "the US Government funded seven programmes interdependence between Iraqi and American universities, as well as the role played by the universities held in February 2012, under the auspices of the Government of Iraq in Washington, d.c., to promote cooperation between the academic and educational institutions.

The statement said the two sides during the meeting "they referred to the increasingly growing links between the Iraqi and American peoples and continue to grow strong. The contribution of programmes Fulbright, international visitor leadership, and Hubert Humphrey fellowship program, and the Iraqi leadership exchange programme and many other initiatives to bring hundreds of scientists, students and young specialists to the United States each year. " "At the level of primary and secondary education, the Iraqi and American Governments are working together to develop educational skills and management and oversight, as well as supervisory and inspection skills.

"The Iraqi-American cooperation with the Global Fund to preserve the ancient city of Babylon, the effects produced by the planning sessions on-site management of effects professionals throughout Iraq", stating that "these initiatives are necessary to build the capacity of Iraq in the conservation and management of rich cultural legacy. The support of the United States in the areas of training and education in the preservation of cultural heritage may continue through additional grant worth about $ 420,000 to expand architectural approaches to save effects taught at the Iraqi Institute for the maintenance and preservation of the cultural heritage in the city of Arbil. "

The two sides stressed during the meeting, according to the statement "the importance of continuous consultation between them, and to increase the level of information exchange at all levels, especially in a context of respect for the two countries to activate cultural partnership commitments and their knowledge, they also agreed to hold the next meeting of the joint Iraqi-American coordination in 2013, to assess achievement and progress, and drawing features the next phase".(End)

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