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The World Bank's (range): Shabibi professional and competent nor central authority only to Iraq's parliament

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The World Bank's (range): Shabibi professional and competent nor central authority only to Iraq's parliament

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

The World Bank said, on Saturday, he was sending a "technical committee" to evaluate the work of the Central Bank of Iraq, and stressed the importance of the independence of the Central confirmed that he is accountable to the parliament has nothing to do with the government of Iraq.
The World Bank described Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi Iraqi personality professional and competent in his work, but he considered his dismissal and the issuance of a warrant for his arrest "a sovereign Iraqi issue."
In the meantime, warned the Economic Commission of the continuation of the "reserve currency," adding that Chapter VII allows the United Nations to impose its control over the central bank in order to protect Iraqi funds from fraud and smuggling.
Revealed the parliamentary Finance Committee reached the inquiry file of the central bank to the involvement of banks associated with the politicians of money laundering.
The House of Representatives has announced early November for the formation of a new committee to investigate the implications of the central bank, a day after confirmation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the warheads big fall issue, also stressed that it is not acting funds Iraqi, but had no information on the size or the location of the deposit.
The Cabinet decided to mid-October, past the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki functions of the central bank governor and agency after the issuance of an arrest warrant for the central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.
In an interview with the "long" on Saturday, said Mary Helen Brinkel, Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq, "the World Bank did not send any team or committee to the CBI to investigate the processes of corruption or money laundering so far."
But responsible international confirmed "the World Bank's intention to send a technical team to the Iraqi Central holds targets and technical competence on the discussion of the question of reserves of Iraqi cash assets."
She explains that "the team will help the Iraqi Central Bank on how to manage backups of the assets of cash," pointing out that "various international banks in the world use the reserve to generate revenue, and through that you these banks financed management costs banks, and provide the necessary training or other purposes" .
The Brinkel stressed that "the World Bank's mission in Iraq is the help of the central bank to reach the best possible way to manage its existing reserves, but we have not had any audit or examination of the work of the CBI."
And about the relationship between the CBI and the Iraqi government, which is trying to control it, the official said International said, "The CBI is an independent body has nothing to do with the government and is not responsible for the government, and Parliament alone, which has to do with his work."
They pointed out that "the performance of the Central Bank of Iraq, if it is flowing to continue its work must be an independent body."
And opinion World Bank pressures facing the central bank, especially after the sacking of governor Sinan al-Shabibi and issue an arrest warrant against him, confirmed that "Shabibi man professional specialist and competent in the performance of his work, but the issue of his dismissal is a special case and sovereign of sovereignty of the country and freedom and are not concerned in this regard."
Turn confirms Ahmed al-Alwani, head of the parliamentary economic committee, "the existence of smuggling of hard currency from Iraq to Iran and Syria."
Alwani adds, in an interview for the "long", that "Iraq is still under Chapter VII, which allows the United Nations to protect Iraq's internal funds and external in international banks and save them from manipulation and transfers."
According to Chairman of the Economic Committee that "there is a lot of suspicion in the work of the Iraqi Central Bank, including money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency to both Iran and Syria, which has raised international concerns."
And points out that "these smuggling operations are carried out by some of the banks that have agendas and links with internal figures facilitate her to pass through to the outside," attributing "weak regulatory factor."
And government interference in the work of the Central Bank of Iraq, al-Alwani that there is a conflict between the central government and the parliament after the government's attempt to dominate the bank and then control over fiscal policy of the bank.
He believed that "these interventions gave way to many in the exploitation of chaos and to have engaged in money laundering which prompted UN to intervene."
For his part, the secretary said Hadi, a member of the Finance Committee, said the "internationalist delegation which will visit Iraq is to be found on the functioning of the CBI."
He added Hadi, told the "long" yesterday that the "fact-finding committee in the case of the central bank set up by the House of Representatives and found there are five local banks are conducting money laundering managed by some of the characters and the political parties", and pointed out that "this file will waste significant figures because of its involvement with corruption and smuggling of hard aunt. "
And said a member of the Finance Committee that "the bank employees detained have sufficient and adequate information about the involvement of these politicians in detail which led Integrity Authority to verify the information contained in the report of the House of Representatives in this regard."


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