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Ten banks accusing civil acquired accounted for 81% of the central bank auction sales

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Ten banks accusing civil acquired accounted for 81% of the central bank auction sales

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Raised the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq a lot of questions about the nature of the banking system in Iraq and currency smuggling, money laundering and other crises and problems that have been circulating through the media for months.

If the things that put in the media is still cloudy on abuses that touched investigative committees on the subject of currency auction that case is still in the corridors of the judiciary, which achieves, revealed an official document high sensitivity that ten banks belonging to the private sector dominated the auction CBI duration 8 months begin in early 2012 until August 31, 2012.

The document showed that seen by the independent press (Iba) that the Bank of the Middle East was in first place as they accounted for an amount of $ 2,701,095 two billion, seven hundred and one million and 95 dollars.

The United Bank for Investment came in second in the amount of 2387242 two billion and three hundred and eighty seven million and 242 dollars.

Followed in the order 2256615 North Bank in the amount of two billion and Mitian and fifty-six and 615 dollars,

And Erbil 2023802 Bank, in the amount of two billion and twenty-three million and 802 thousand dollars.

The Iraqi National Bank 1873553, one billion ثمنمائة and seventy-three million 553 thousand dollars.

While Bank of Assyria 1534961 got billion and five hundred and Arbahoethelathon million 961 thousand dollars.

, And Elaph Islamic Bank 1355781 got a billion and three hundred and fifty-five and 781 thousand dollars.

, And Bank of Kurdistan 1179982 got a billion and one hundred and seventy-nine million and 982 thousand dollars.

Rasheed Bank 1075835 happened is another billion and seventy five million and 835 thousand dollars.

While Iraqi Islamic Bank 1058624 got billion and fifty-eight million and 624 thousand dollars U.S..

While accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, last week, members of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee of being behind the corruption, stressing that “the highest votes in the Committee” pay five million dollars to disrupt the work of the Commission of Inquiry into suspicions of corruption swirling around the Central Bank of Iraq, while pay another member $ 10 million for the same purpose.

A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri in former states of fraud and money laundering operations in the central bank auction day to sell hard currency alluding to possession of documents proving the involvement of some influential political figures money laundering transactions.

Jubouri said these figures lead some specialized companies that constitute the economic mafias, adding that these figures achieved between five to ten million dollars a day through speculation in the currency auction conducted by the bank every day.

The central bank governor said Acting Abdel Basset Turki said the investigation is continuing in suspicious transactions to organize an auction of foreign currency and money laundering department.

Turki said in a radio statement that the actions taken by the Bank recently contributed to the reduction of the amounts transferred illegally through Auction currency.

Conversely said representative of the Association of Iraqi private banks in the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers Nawzad dry that the private banking sector is very optimistic that the implications of the crisis the central bank will be more positive than negative, although it was a surprise at the beginning of it so it’s a valuable opportunity to put points on the characters and show confusion to the essence of the problem.

He can not imagine a serious irregularities rests with the private banking sector in this area, but there were reservations by some officials at the Department of the actions taken by the Central, explaining that private banks operate according to the Banking Act and the implementing procedures and regulations issued by the Central Bank of Iraq as the sector, which oversees the work of banks and direction for the implementation of monetary policy.


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