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Parliament shall vote on telecommunications law and Informatics and finished reading the nine laws and the budget debate is completed

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Parliament shall vote on telecommunications law and Informatics and finished reading the nine laws and the budget debate is completed
Monday, 03 December 2012 16: 46


The House began in the thirty-seventh meeting held under the chairmanship of Osama's House and in the presence of 199 deputies on Monday to vote on the law on telecommunications and Informatics and discuss financial budget for 2013 with finished first and second readings of the nine laws, then decided to adjourn until Tuesday.

According to a statement by the Chamber of Deputies received information each agency Iraq [where] a copy today that "at the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the verses the Board proceeded to the vote on the draft law of telecommunications and informatics services, provided by the committees and ages, culture and information, legal for management and administration of telecommunications and Informatics of the Republic of Iraq and its policy and identify the competent authorities in the process of allocating frequency planning, licensing and protection of national assets in these sectors and to ensure the optimal use of spectrum and to encourage investment in the telecommunications sector and to ensure the protection of The interests of beneficiaries and provide the best services and keep pace with technological and economic development ".

The Council also completed a first reading of the proposed Act first amendment law of the Ministry of industry and minerals No. [38] for the year 2011 and submitted by the Committee on the economy and investment and that comes because of the integration of Iraqi algilogi survey and industrial research and development body within the Ministry Center services in the Ministry of industry and minerals Act No. 38 of 2011 ".

And following the Commission on labour and Social Affairs issued a statement on the occasion of the international day of persons with disabilities called for "attention to slide and preserve their rights and dignity in accordance with the decisions of the United Nations, noting that the Iraqi Council of representatives interested in the law on people with disabilities".

The Committee urged "the importance of allocating funds from the financial year 2013 customizations to the care of the disabled, a claim the Cabinet directed concerned authorities to prepare plans and designs for the movement of the disabled and their integration in society".

The last Board completed the first reading of the draft law of animal health of the agriculture and water committees and legal, which aims to protect the citizen from common diseases and protect livestock from infectious diseases that threaten livestock production that national wealth is important to food security and ensure food fit for human consumption and keep pace with modern process developments with regard to the investigation, survey and surveillance to control and eradicate diseases, as well as to provide legal cover for veterinary health authority for veterinary procedures in Iraq proportional metrics And declarations issued by international organizations to help improve and develop trade.

The Council completed its first reading of the draft law of the first amendment to the law on agricultural credit fund for peasants and small farmers no. (28) of 2009 and by committees of agriculture, water and Marsh and finance in order to change the label of the agricultural loan Fund Act to peasants and small farmers no. 28 of 2009 to fund agricultural lending facilitator and to make a link to the Ministry of Finance instead of the Ministry of agriculture.

The Council also completed a first reading of the draft law of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention of the Organization of information and communication technology Arabic and foreign relations committees's services and reconstruction for Iraq's accession to the Convention on the need to establish an effective and continuing Arab cooperation among concerned parties in the area of communication and information technology.

The Board concluded the second reading of the draft law of the Republic of Iraq's accession to the Statute of the Islamic States Institute for standardization and Metrology [thick] which entered into force on 2010/7/16 and of external relations and legal committees.

And in the interventions of lawmakers on law MP Hussein almerapi "the importance of the Convention to develop standards for materials and manufactured goods and products in accordance with Islamic criteria, such a level of representation of the membership of Iraq at the Institute and the possibility of changing the location of the Institute, located in Istanbul, Turkey in future."

For its part the Commission confirmed on obliging Iraq to the Convention details contributing to the benefit of the country and increase the volume of trade.

The Board completed the second reading of the draft law of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the establishment of the International Islamic trade finance and foreign relations committees of economy and investment walaok and religious affairs.

In MP Abbas Al-Bayati called interventions to "accede to the Convention as it would help the development of the economic situation in Iraq as well as the type of solidarity among Islamic States".

After the Board completed the second reading of the draft law of the Republic of Iraq to the Protocol against the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition, supplementing the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime, submitted by the defense and security committees and external relations.

And in interventions on the law only the MP said "it is important that the Protocol does not detract from the right of peoples to their resistance in Palestine and elsewhere."

Placeholder names al-Musawi said "the importance of the security and Defence Committee review of the law on acquisition of arms taking into account the social conditions and tightening restrictions on this matter".

For its part the Commission confirmed on "cannot change the international conventions while expressing its support to tighten procedures for the acquisition and that has nothing to do with the Bill for discussion".

The Board also completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of the Convention on the training of Iraqi security forces, between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and of the security and Defence Committee.

And in interventions MP Hassan Al-yasiri "expiry Convention according to end of 2011 that delayed the House after signing in 2009".

He was MP Qassem Mohammad Qasim "support for arming the Iraqi army in accordance with specific grounds," he said, adding that "the Convention includes items affecting the sovereignty of the country, especially with regard to the NATO flag and prior approvals to enter the facilities of NATO in Iraq".

Asked Safaa net debt of the State Secretary for the House to adjourn to the Convention until the return to the Government because of a delay in the date of its conclusion on the date of ratification ".

Iraq decided to "postpone the Convention until the arrival of the Government's response regarding the desire to continue or not."

The last Council concluded the second reading of the draft law on the prevention of the use and proliferation of arms silenced, submitted by the Committee for security and defence.

And in interventions on the proposed law attorney Adel Abdullah "add a paragraph in the law".

The Attorney demanded mutasher Samurai that "the Act contains safeguards against misuse of innocent's accusation that there are precedents with two soldiers, stressing that the effects of the use of the silent tragically impacted on society".

MP Walid ornaments supported "the need to speed up the enactment of the law to stop using the silent, demanding sanctions against the embrace of aggregates used silencers or provides an incubator for them."

For its part the Commission confirmed that "speedy legislation law would deter criminals and reassure the street especially after the growing phenomenon of assassinations by the silent".

Minister of State for House Safaa net debt to "tighten the punishment for all forms of abuse with the arms contribute to social security and constitutes a deterrent for criminals", pointing out that "possession of arms bad alkutum is evidence for murder".

In turn, the President "with the participation of the legal Committee with the Committee on security and defense, Browning's law".

The Council resumed its discussion of the draft law of the federal public budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2013 and by committees of finance, economy and investment.

The Attorney Abdul Hussein Al-yasseri, called on the Ministry of finance to the need to emphasize recycled stocks to reach the real deficit, noting the importance of the review of the Financial Administration Act and the public debt in order to be consistent with the Constitution. "

Abud Al-Issawi Deputy demanded to provide adequate support to the agricultural sector and increased financial allocations for varieties of wheat and barley walshlb.

MP Samira al-Musawi, urged to "stop payments for furniture and doors of exchange of goods and services to limit administrative corruption".

MP sincere ishwa had noted "the importance of determining the proportion of the budget granted to specific regions with sufficient allocations for scientific competencies belonging to Iraq".

And nice Deputy Mustafa "financial budget for this year does not have federal status so that the distribution of funds to the provinces to promote their reality, warning of huge amounts on armaments and military side with the importance of focusing on internal security".

The Deputy Minister pointed out Najib to Risalat "final accounts are not subject to ratification so far, calling for increased provincial powers in the management of financial allocations for capacity building", then decide to adjourn the meeting to Tuesday..

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