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Centre agreed to the withdrawal of federal troops and Kurdish and the handover of security to the police

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Centre agreed to the withdrawal of federal troops and Kurdish and the handover of security to the police
On: Sunday 02-12-2012 19:29

Operations leaders unconstitutional and customary behave

Najafi: Maliki threats to its partners unprecedented democratically

BAGHDAD - A citizen
Called House Speaker Osama Najafi, officials in Baghdad and Erbil to be patient and calm and not to escalate, and resorting to dialogue and to consider the Constitution a reference to resolve all differences, uncertain that the threat of al-Maliki for his political partners to take unprecedented measures against them is unprecedented in democracies.
He warned Nujaifi during a press conference held yesterday that the escalation between the parties cause serious risks to the country, and pointed out that exchanges of words between President of the Republic Jalal Talabani and Nouri al-Maliki is not useful, noting that he would call the president to pursue his efforts to hold a national conference to resolve the political crisis in the country.
He warned of the danger of the outbreak of the conflict in the country, stressing the need to move towards a solution and reduce the bellicose statements of mutual escalation will lead to the division of the country.
Nujaifi criticized continue forming processes being leaders behave customary in addition to the formation of unconstitutional Operations Command. "We must review the formation processes that leaders remain in cities cause looting provincial powers." He pointed out that "leadership processes behave customary and must be reviewed seriously and reconsider them." He pointed out that the threat of al-Maliki for his political partners to take unprecedented measures against them is unprecedented in democracies stressing that he should not launch accusations against partners because this leads to more aggravate the situation. And on the accusations parliamentary security forces of torturing and raping prisoners said Najafi that Parliament form committees to investigate the matter, where will announce the results of the investigation to the public and is to punish the guilty if it is proved the existence of violations of human rights. Refused Najafi there any Shia alliance Kurd against Sunnis and stressed the need for a balance in the state with the participation of all components that make up the Iraqi people and said that playing the sectarian card is unacceptable.
In response to a question on the Turkish intervention in Iraq Nujaifi pointed out that Turkey's problem with the PKK a terrorist force and seed said that Iraq rejects the presence of military bases on its territory. He warned that continuing differences between the Iraqis would pay a lot of states to intervene in its internal affairs.
Regarding corruption deal Russian arms explained Najafi said the Parliamentary Integrity Committee began Sunday listening to statements from members of the Iraqi delegation discussed in Moscow about the deal. "The al-Maliki has told me that there is suspicion of corruption in the deal," and stressed that he will be punished any individual found guilty corruption in this matter.
And on his proposals to resolve the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil Najafi said he proposed the withdrawal of federal troops and Kurdish to their previous positions and no presence in the cities and the security authorities are delivered to police forces to take over the security file under the supervision of the conservatives.
Nujaifi said Maliki had agreed on this matter, and he will carry the proposal to the President of the Kurdistan region during his visit to Arbil, in two or three days. But he noted that Iraqi forces complain of paying Kurdish forces and weapons to Kirkuk and arming component Kurdish them. Stressed the need to return to an agreement in 2009 between federal forces and Kurdish judge formation سيطرات joint military. Acknowledged Najafi existence imbalance of components in formations security and explained that there are in Kirkuk majority Kurdish security configurations. he mediate in the conflict after nearly fighting between the two sides that explode stressing the gunman not to allow any party to use armed force and said that any attempt to drag the country into war is illegal and constitutes a violation of the Constitution. And about Maliki's comments about the possibility of forming a majority government responded Nujaifi that this proposal seriously unstable situation in the country where the military confrontation list and there are elections near and the UN Security Council concern of this situation so the formation of a majority government is difficult in a country are going well with the political process according to national consensus. He ruled out the possibility of any party to form such a government, confirmed that the withdrawal of confidence from the government currently is not on the cards. and accusations of corruption in the Central Bank said Najafi that Parliament put the bank under surveillance for a period of seven months and noted the existence of suspicions of corruption related to money laundering and the smuggling of hard currency Václav Parliamentary Integrity Committee to investigate about it referred the investigation to the judiciary, which will punish Almznin and release the innocent.

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