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Waiting for a vote in parliament: the continuation of the political pressure to determine the duration of the three presidencies

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Waiting for a vote in parliament: the continuation of the political pressure to determine the duration of the three presidencies
2012-11-22 10:59:24
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(Iba) / report - immortality Ziadi / ... At the time declared the Iraqi List, which agreement the majority of the political blocs on the mandate of the three presidencies two sessions in a row and that the draft law was completed in terms of legal drafting, the rule of law confirms that the Legal Committee discussed this law support some him and reject others, and that the constitutional legislator did not mention the mandate of two terms as prime minister set by the President of the Republic.

The Iraqi spokesman Haidar al-Mulla said that "the majority of the political blocs with identifying the three presidencies two terms no more than that, and presented a bill to the Parliamentary Legal Committee has been completed and is waiting for the blocks put in the meeting of the House of Representatives to come."

He added that "the law now has the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and parliamentary blocs awaiting inclusion in the agenda of the parliament in order to read the first and second readings and moving towards approval after voting on it."

For his part, member of the Legal Committee for the State of Law MP Adel al-Maliki said that "the root and rooting constitutional for the three presidencies that were mentioned in the Constitution is that the President of the Republic shall be elected once and may be re-elected for a second time and thus identified two terms, while House Speaker Synthetic constitutional governing work that elected by members of the House of Representatives majority described within the Council, did not mention the constitution of his term, and for the Prime Minister is not elected in the parliament but is costly formal accreditation in accordance with Article (76) of the Constitution and the subsequent which reads that (President costing the parliamentary candidate larger, and therefore did not specify the Constitution specifically the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament, and only to the constitutional legislator select those States as defined mandate of the President of the Republic in the Constitution. "

MP-Maliki said that "very constitutional legislator not to determine the mandate of the prime minister and parliament is said to be the people who choose the speaker, as well as non-blocking right largest in the electoral list to be its candidate as prime minister."

He pointed out that "the political pressure and personalization for some Alamorand political parties measure the work of institutions according to the run up to limit the person's work and his popularity is working on legislation law to determine the continuity and presence in his job and that's what trying blocs do with the current prime minister."

For Law, who presented a studied Legal Committee explained Maliki that "the Committee discussed the law and got enticements about it, and vote on the acceptance received by nine people and objected to seven, and thus the majority convergent between positive and robbery, and who opposed the passage of the law they based the constitutional articles (Articles 55, 76, 62), which refers to how to choose the president and the ministers and the parliament. "

He continued "As those who have supported the proposed law defining the mandates of the three presidencies identified in simple materials that are not one U.S. even non-consecutive before a period of ten years from the election," pointing out that "this scaled to work politicians accepted by the Iraqi street, as far as his opinion."

And was a member of the legal committee in the House of Representatives Muhsin al-Sadoun has announced his committee vote to approve a bill the mandate of the three presidencies and sent to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, to enter it on the agenda of the parliament and put to the vote for approval.

The Liberal parliamentary bloc of the Sadrist movement made earlier this project, which defines the mandate of the Prime Minister for two terms only.

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