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Families central bank calls for detention evacuated Sepelhen and threaten sit-

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Families central bank calls for detention evacuated Sepelhen and threaten sit-

 Baghdad / Hamid Mr.

While parliamentary source a senior security elements are not entitled to interrogate staff central bank and that this should be confined to the Commission voted on by parliament, said the number of people employed central bank detention on remand, they're planning a sit-in Firdous Square to pressure the government to evacuate Sepelhen and an end to the "politicization" was informed of the case.
Previously, the central bank governor Dr. Sinan Shabibi issued an arrest warrant, revealed on the detention of 20 employee of the bank, stressing that "the female detainees are one of the noblest and most loyal employees the bank."

And senior parliamentary source said the extent of condition of anonymity, said the central bank law and to ensure the independence of the monetary authority granted immunity large staff which is not entitled to security agents questioned employees as it gets now. "The investigation and interrogation of these issues is limited commission private posed Parliament of its members and vote on it, failed to observe the laws of this in the current investigation," saying that many of the employees prisons refuse to give any information claims to return to the Bank Act, which gives them immunity about investigators executive power, "but the government continues to press for everyone and acting illegally in this file, "as he put it.
And accused several parliamentary parties, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of trying to control the Central Bank as part of his quest to dominate all independent bodies, and it had targeted Shabibi because he refuses to endanger the independence of the bank controlled by the government.
To that student number with female central bank reserves in the file Shabibi, release about them after assurances of integrity not Torthen charges against them, pointing out that the Integrity Commission had previously addressed the Criminal Court, not of evidence to convict more than 19 employee in the bank on charges of " waste of public money ", but the judiciary has not been issued so far any memorandum terminate Toukifan. Employee's family waved Hana Jassim, suspended in Tasfirat prison inside the perimeter of the Interior Ministry building, sit in Firdous Square if security authorities insisted not to release her daughter. The sister Hana, Ms. Najla Jassim in an interview for the "long", has "been calling my sister Hana by the Central Bank for the purpose of investigating issues laundering money, and so, one day after the end of the holiday, so I went Hana to the bank without fear because it is confident of its integrity and non- involvement Bay file for corruption, but they arrested her once they enter the bank. "
Jassim considered the arrest of her sister before integrity "humiliating act for state employees, and deceitful, and is similar to the practices of Saddam's tyranny with authority when he was called by citizens through their constituencies to arrest them, then Ngyibhm without mentioning their news."
Hana operates Jassim suspended pending investigation since 22 days, as a member of the auction committee for the dollar at the central bank, accusing authorities of money laundering through banks in Baghdad eligibility.
And her sister adds that "my sister Hana summoned the Central Bank by one of the officials of the Commission on the auction, has been arrested without clarifying the circumstances of the case so far."
And confirms that "Hana Bank served more than 29 years, She holds a bachelor's degree in management and economics, is no different Bank staff expertise and integrity."
And conditions in custody in prison revealed Jassim said "Hana suffering from a disease thyroid glands, and security authorities prevented from Akhal velayat treatment inside the prison," adding that "female bank being Toukifan for more than 20 days in (caravans) where there is no minimum standards of respect for human Rights, Those responsible for detainee did not agree to enter the bed to Hana and the rest of the inmates in the prison. " And demanded "the Iraqi judiciary to disclose the circumstances of the case, without political influences, in order to find out the reasons for detention employees and the announcement of the names of those involved that proved it."
And increased the "Integrity Commission directed earlier memorandum to the Criminal Court, confirmed the innocence of Hana of the charges against her and demanded her release on bail, but the court refused to release Hana for reasons undisclosed, and we believe there pressure exercised by the government to prevent the judiciary from perform its role. "
She said, "Hana's lawyer, has revealed that the fate of our daughter third-related graduate and not his hand or hands of the judiciary, while now holds the role of the mediator is not to transfer news Hana to their loved ones."
And warned that "the government of resorting to exert pressure on the Hana exchange for confessions is incorrect."
Al-Maliki said on the fifth of this month that "heads big fall" case the central bank, while I consider that the presence Shabibi in the bank is wrong to expiration appointed governor, pointed out that he is not acting funds Iraqi, but had no information on the size or the location of the deposit , but several parties demanded quick with evidence on these charges and to achieve a parliamentary legal abide by the standards of the Central Bank.
For its part, demanded family legal adviser of the Central Bank Arabism Ahmed, eliminate speeding in uncovering the fate of their daughter suspended on charges of issues relating to public money.
The cousin of Arabism, Tarek Saleh, told the "long", "conviction family innocently Arabism of the charges against her," noting that "the daughter of his aunt suspended pending investigation with the Integrity Commission for more than 21 days of Eid al-Adha last and so far ".
The Supreme Judicial Council on the nineteenth of last month, the issuance of an arrest warrant against the central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases, after the media quoted a local, in the twenty-fourth of October, sources oversight that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for al-Shabibi charges corruption, pointing out that he left out of the country after the issuance of the memorandum, the bank denied the news, saying that the governor participate in an annual conference in Tokyo and will return to Baghdad, while no longer Shabibi to Baghdad until the hour of the preparation of the report.

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