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Parliament end the second reading of the budget and raise its tomorrow

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Parliament end the second reading of the budget and raise its tomorrow
2012-11-20 17:11:50
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BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Ended the House of Representatives during its 33, which held today under the chairmanship of President of the Council Osama Najafi and the presence 178 deputies second reading of the federal budget law for fiscal year 2013. Voted to approve the bills and a resolution to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip while finished second reading of the federal budget law for fiscal year 2013.

A statement from the Department of Media in the House of Representatives received the independent press (Iba) a copy was in the beginning of the meeting to vote to approve the formation of a committee comprising committees on Security and Defense, Women and Human Rights to investigate the arrest of women and torturing addition to vote on the formation of an investigative committee includes security, defense and human rights to investigate The existence of cases of torture in prisons Council also voted to approve the formation of a committee comprising the committees of security, defense and integrity to investigate the information that there is a state of corruption in the Russian arms deal ..

In another matter Council discussed the issue of the Israeli assault on Gaza and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and Human Rights.

At the outset of the debate, MP Humam Hamoudi, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a connection with the State Department for the actions taken on what is happening in Gaza, referring to the visit of Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari at the head of the Arab delegation to the Gaza Strip.

This was followed by the Attorney Hamoudi statement on behalf of the Commission in which he denounced b challenge blatant international will and clear violation of all human rights standards after the oldest Zionist enemy aggression sinning against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, using the latest military machine of the means of killing and destruction of infrastructure and human beings.

He added, as we wonder weak position and المهادن by some major countries, deplore and condemn this aggression and ask the international community and its institutions to take measures to stop this aggression, and provide a helping hand and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, as we call Arab and Islamic countries to take a more assertive.

And demanded to open the way for humanitarian missions to aid the wounded and the needy and providing what they need. Proposal to provide the leaders of Israel to the International Court and boycott companies that do business with Israel and revive the Office of the Arab boycott of Israel.

For its part, condemned the MP flowers Sheikhly in a statement read on behalf of the Commission on Human Rights aggression on Gaza.

And called on international organizations to take action to curb human rights violations to deter the Israeli enemy that hits the wall humanitarian norms and standards, requiring the Iraqi government to work to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people and work to crystallize a unified Arab position to stop Israeli crimes.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Salman al-Jumaili of the House of Representatives to allocate to support the Palestinian people and their steadfastness and open the way for relief organizations as well as the formation of a parliamentary delegation to go to Gaza.

The MP Khalid al-Attiyah aggression on Gaza as a brutal picture of the Zionist enemy images, calling for sincere efforts to resolve the Palestinian issue through the consolidation of the Palestinian factions to enable them to achieve their usurped rights.

He urged the Presidency and the government as Iraq Chairman of the Arab Summit, to lead the Arab efforts in support of resolving the Palestinian issue.

Dan MP Mohsen al-Sadoun of the Israeli aggression, demanding that the government and the House of Representatives to provide possible assistance to support the Palestinian people.

And MP Bahaa al-Araji, the Palestinian issue as representing the Arab and Islamic issue par excellence, calling for assistance to the Palestinians. While MP Ammar Tohme to lift the siege imposed on Gaza and the boycott of international companies that support the Zionist entity.

And MP Mohammad Iqbal proposed the establishment of a special fund to support the Palestinians financially to help them in the conditions they are experiencing.

For its part, MP names Moussawi stressed on the importance of removing remnants of the economic blockade imposed on Gaza with the importance of being a ceasefire in conjunction with a focus on the role of the Palestinian resistance in the balance of power with the Zionists.

MP suggested reproach League exit peaceful popular demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people next Friday.

Rep. condemned Mona Amiri position of supporting Israel, and praised the strong strikes addressed the Palestinian people to the Zionist entity.

For his part, praised the MP Iskandar and berries to the importance of expediting send a delegation to Gaza to medical treatment of the injured and played an influential role in the UN Security Council to put Israel's leaders on the subject of terrorism.

He MP Abbas al-Bayati government to do its duty by participating in the ministerial delegation on a visit to Gaza.

He MP Khalid al-Asadi said that Iraq in front of a serious test in the Arab and international positions, demanding that the government would provide or the House of Representatives several initiatives to unify Palestinian ranks.

The MP said Najiba Najib said the cries of children in Gaza are reminiscent cries of children in Kurdistan-day attacks, which was launched by the former regime on Kurdish villages and regions.

Then the House voted on a resolution to support the Palestinians in Gaza included sending a parliamentary delegation headed by Speaker of the House and members of the Board from all parties and committees as well as sending medical delegation immediately to Gaza to see the health and advocacy for a conference urgently for Arab Parliaments in Baghdad and reconsider options Arab this issue.

The resolution called for a collector approached

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