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Power station opens in Basra 100 card Mika Watts created the investment formula

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Power station opens in Basra 100 card Mika Watts created the investment formula
Author: MB Editor: MN Thursday 15 v 2 2012 13: 23 GMT

Alsumaria news/Basrah
The electricity Ministry, opened Thursday, power station in Basra with a capacity of 100 MICA Watts created a Saudi company as an investment project implemented in the light of the contract under which the Government has pledged to buy the energy produced by the plant for a period of three years, the Ministry said close up big increase electric power production.

Electricity Minister Abdul Karim abstinences in an interview for "alsumaria news", after he cut the Ribbon opening the new gas station "is the result of an investment project, with production capacity of 100 MICA Watts, this quantity will be especially in Basra to local government in the province that will buy power from the company invested".

"The station is the first investment into production station in Basra, and we believe that the investment contributes to the development of the electricity sector".

He said that "the Ministry abstinences come on many stations opened, so we will support the national network of 3,000 Mika before the end of the year, as will other quantity of 4,000 Mika Watts by next summer, in 2014 we will stage only," he said, adding that "If electricity next summer will be much better than it was during the summer.

The President said the Basra Investment Commission behind in an interview for "Badran alsumaria news", "plant located in Al Hartha area amounting to 70 million dollars, representing the first stage of an investment project is implemented by the Dow AAC", adding that "the second phase of the same project to erect a 150-card station Mika Watts and cost $ 175 million in the SAA."

BADRAN said that "the Commission also granted investment license for a company to create a 50-card station Mika Watts in the Faw," these projects that will improve the electricity sector in the province. "

According to the Governor's Adviser for Energy Affairs Munther Hashem's grace the local Government pledged under the contract to pay $ 275 million from the County budget over three years to the company invested as a price for energy produced by the new station, which will be the same company installed in the SAA, "he said in an interview for" alsumaria news ", that" the new station power decides to allocate to the counties and areas north of Basra ".

In turn, the representative of Dow AAC Lebanon Hassan said in an interview with Fran "alsumaria news", that "the project is the first of its kind in southern Iraq is experience illustrate the success of investment projects concerning the electricity sector in Iraq", stating that "the draft electricity station which opened Memorial Day took its 100 day, with direct scheduled soon in the second leg in the SAA in the hope to accomplish after six months."

Some officials have avoided identifying the nationality of the company implementing investment project, with a Saudi Arabian investment authority were Lebanese, the company said in a statement that the UAE nationality, but in fact a Saudi company with offices in some Gulf countries, including the UAE, however, some local officials tried to conceal her nationality to avoid embarrassment for the company got in (29 March 2011) leave the project approved by the provincial Council, and one day after the Council's decision to boycott the Saudi companies against sending troops to Bahrain.

The Basra governorate, about 590 kilometers south of Baghdad, where five great plants for electric power generation, all of which are less than the design capacity due to their age, Al Hartha station thermal established by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan in 1979, and alngibet thermal station created by a company "Russian Technoprom Export" in 1974, and Khor Al Zubair gas station created by a German company in 1977, and the Shuaiba gas station set up by the French company "alostom" in 1973, and in the ports of Umm Qasr and Abu flus trade three barges Khor Al Zubair Turkish electricity production at a rate of 240 MW, up to the Basra electricity imported from Iran across the line (Basra-two).

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