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Massive demonstrations in several provinces .. Iraqi uprising against the Maliki government policies

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Massive demonstrations in several provinces .. Iraqi uprising against the Maliki government policies
11/11/2012 --- 12/26/1433

Manual / witnessed several Iraqi provinces massive demonstrations in protest against the abolition of the Iraqi government ration card, called the Iraqi dialect "quantity."
He told participants in the demonstration of Basra it was launched from Square Bashar nation, and headed towards the governorate building surrounded by crowds security, where government forces have spread in the most vital facilities in the oil-rich province, according to the Arab Net.
The protesters demanded the return of the ration card which enables citizens to obtain the needs major food from the government directly, a method devised by the former Iraqi regime after signing an agreement with the United Nations "oil for food" to ease the burden on the citizen under the economic sanctions imposed by the international community on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in August / August 1990.
The demonstrators also demanded the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to increase the ration card allocations in order to improve the financial rather than cancellation.
‫ was head of the provincial council Basra morning Albzona could called on the federal government to reconsider its decision to cancel the ration card to citizens, during a press conference held last Thursday at the headquarters of the Council.
The governor said that the local government in Basra showed willingness to assume responsibility for the distribution of the ration card items on the people of the province through the creation of stores needed to receive food and contact specialized companies for the purpose of maintaining those materials processing.
Also saw the city of Shatra in Nasiriyah demonstrations called opposition political forces to the policies of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
Iraqi sources said: The demonstration through the streets of the main city control of the police forces did not occur any problems during her career.
‫ The newspaper quoted "alternative Iraqi" that the demonstration of the widely welcomed by parents and social events and political, and that the demonstration included hundreds of citizens independent and belonging to different political trends, especially supporters of Patriotic Democratic Iraqi communists Iraqis and members of some cultural clubs.
The newspaper reported that the demonstration lasted about two hours and a half, and the demonstrators dispersed after they were fired slogans accusing the government of corruption and theft of people's livelihood.
The decision to cancel the ration card popular reactions, religious and political reprehensible, where preachers demanded Friday prayers yesterday of the need to cancel this decision, which they saw as a war on the poor.
In The corruption scandal that has rocked the Iraqi political circles, and canceled arm deal with Russia, in excess of $ 4.2 billion.
According to Ali al-Moussawi - media adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki - Saturday that the deal had been canceled, explaining that al-Maliki decided after returning Moscow, and looked at some suspicions of corruption that marred the deal, decided to cancel and re full consideration, ranging from contracting and weapons and quality to the Commission supervising the contracts.
The business documents have revealed the involvement of the government of Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad on providing the regime of Bashar al-Assad to 720 thousand tons of fuel oil in monthly shipments to Syria as part of a supply contract for a period of one year subject to renewal.
The newspaper "Financial Times", based on the documents said: It is seen by that Iraq has shipped vital supplies of oil to Syria in a calm, in a deal that raised concerns in Washington.

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