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Military deal with Moscow caused by fear of the next U.S. administration 10/11/2012 Maliki and his allies fear a radical change in Iraq if Romney wins

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Military deal with Moscow caused by fear of the next U.S. administration
Maliki and his allies fear a radical change in Iraq if Romney wins
BAGHDAD - Basil Muhammad:
A leading figure high in the "National Alliance" Shiite who leads the Iraqi government's "policy" that the deal military between Baghdad and Moscow estimated at four billion dollars and include helicopters and missile system land - Joe, armored vehicles and surveillance equipment and air heavy guns, due to fears of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki From win the Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the U.S. presidential election on the sixth of next month.
The leader of a member of the political body of the alliance Shiite Maliki has Takovan of Romney first, respect that any arms deals U.S. will be frozen or canceled, including the purchase of aircraft, "F-16" fighter, as the U.S. administration headed by Romney would not allow Baghdad to hold arms deals with Russia, therefore hastened Maliki to conclude a deal with Moscow.
The fear II, is linked with information and intelligence warnings reached Maliki stating that Romney if it becomes a key U.S. will increase pressure on the Iraqi government to sign a security agreement strategic allows engagement Baghdad at the center of U.S. - Turkish - Gulf to counter the Iranian axis - Syrian, and this is not what you want coalition command Shiite.
He added that thinking Maliki may went further than that when I know the Shiite alliance that Romney will work in the first months of his presidency the White House to support the establishment of a new political alliance in Iraq includes Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani and president of a coalition of "Iraq" Iyad Allawi and leading figure in the Council Supreme Islamic Adel Abdul Mahdi and National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi and Vice President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rasool addition to Tareq al-Hashemi and the Iraqi Islamic Party, headed by Iyad al-Samarrai, and be the goal of this alliance is to topple Maliki.
The Shiite leader said that some information in the possession of al-Maliki stating that Romney may seek to open contacts with some Baathist leaders abroad, and that he may support the accession of the Baathists including Izzat al-Douri to the Iraqi political process in order to establish an Iraqi government hostile to Iran.
The leader's return contacts between the U.S. administration and the league is serious indication, it may mean that Washington because of the changes coming in Syria considering using Baathists from the new face of Iranian power in the region, because it knows that the Baath Party and the league more particularly can be more virulent in addressed to Iranian influence inside Iraq.
The leader to that Maliki is not alone المتخوف of Romney, فالنظامان in Iran and Syria have similar fears and perhaps more in light of their conviction that Romney would support military Syrian opposition without military intervention in order to speed up the collapse of the Assad regime, as it would pay Turkey to play a military role more Syrian northern region stretching from Qamishli and tenderness to Idlib and Aleppo to set up a "safe zone". The Tehran are sure that Romney Satort in an Israeli military strike against Iran's nuclear sites and missile system to the "Revolutionary Guards."
According to the leadership, Maliki sent positive signals to U.S. President Barack Obama, hoping to continue relations, Iraq - U.S. for the next four years, which means that he wants to pursue this relationship with Obama.
He pointed leadership that al-Maliki in one meeting of the political body of the alliance Shiite Description deal U.S. administration with Iraq Palmrih, pointing out that the agreement to withdraw U.S. forces fully carried out the end of 2011 could not have been carried out in the absence of Obama and fears were haunted always retreating Americans until the moment recent agreement because of the developments of Iran's nuclear files and Syria, is that Obama showed exemplary commitment to this agreement.
According to Shiite leader prominent, the arrival Romney White House means to enter into the era of extremely difficult relations between Baghdad and Washington, and that the next four years will be very difficult for Maliki and the Shiite alliance, and therefore may be all options open, especially the option return of U.S. troops to Iraq and back the political process back to square one because the political ideology of the Republican Party American believes that the change in Syria must lead to a radical change in Iraq, and the fall of Assad must turn Iran into a weak state and isolated in the region, as that this doctrine will not allow the current Iraqi government to be Iranian outlet for power after the collapse of the Syrian regime.

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