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Maliki: nothing to do with me arrest warrants Shabibi .. more about the central bank scandal

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Maliki: nothing to do with me arrest warrants Shabibi .. more about the central bank scandal

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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday not to link his arrest warrants Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, explaining that the turmoil that occurred at the Iraqi currency to stimulate many regulators to investigate the bank's activity.
Maliki said in response to questions a number of journalists through a window media outreach for the Office of the Prime Minister, said that "there are many variations to the government with the Department of the Central Bank and has notes serious about a lot of activity and monetary policy", stressing that "the last issue were not the government connected" .
He made it clear that "the turmoil that occurred at the Iraqi currency recently stimulated many regulators to investigate the activity of the central bank, including the method sell hard currency, banking, stock market," pointing out that "the parliament form the impact of the Commission continued to investigate for more than a month, ended with the report carries governor Shabibi Bank and other numerous accusations of responsibility. "
Maliki said that "the Commission filed its report signed by parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, to the Integrity Commission directly without going through the government," noting that "the body is also submitted its report with the report of the Commission to the Court of Special Investigation integrity issues in the Supreme Judicial Council."
The prime minister said "the court has issued arrest warrants against bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of bank employees to achieve them," noting that "the Council of Ministers voted almost unanimously after obtaining these developments to assign Abdul Basit Turki Prime BSA to carry out bank governor until further notice Last. "
The announcement came in October 2012 for arrest warrants for Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and many of the bank's staff as a surprise to many. They said preliminary interpretations are accused of manipulating the value of the dinar and money laundering, forgery and other illegal activities. Seems that the investigation now includes the first case. Usual in Iraq that whenever there was an argument politicians are quick to jump into the case to make statements raise on the subject before the show the official story. For this reason, the issue of bank officials are still not clear and is likely to be the result of political manipulation. At first there was confusion about the charges against al-Shabibi. In the fifteenth of October the Supreme Judicial Council issued arrest warrants for al-Shabibi and 15 other officials in the bank, and conflicting reports emerged about what the president of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Mr. Bahaa Hussein Ali Kamal al-Araji, on the charges against them. The agency said the French press that al-Araji said that Shabibi may manipulate the value of the dinar to reduce its value, while reported Twilight News that the governor has increased the value of the dinar, and his part, Deputy for the rule of law in the Wall Street that bank officials had been investigated with them in the case of the civil needs of banks to capital provided by the Central Bank, and the issues of fraud and money laundering. For his part, Araji denied those rumors. One of the members of the Integrity Committee told Al Hayat newspaper that the Commission did not consider the issue never even a private collection of Qusay Abdul Wahab Suhail head of the Sadrist bloc in parliament, and Haider al-Abadi of the rule of law and head of the Finance Committee, Haitham al-Jubouri of the rule of law and a member of the Audit Court is responsible for auditing state finances, is that considered the matter. There are still conflicting stories appear on the issue. Seems to be Shabibi and his staff are accused of manipulating the value of the dinar, either reduce the value or issue brought it still is not clear. This is what happens during political crises, all kinds of politicians interfering leading to different versions of events. Many believe that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki used the situation to get rid of al-Shabibi and it seems that this is the reason why accusations leveled by members of the state law against bank officials.
The indictment Shabibi and other officials in the bank to exploit the value of the dinar is doubtful because many believe that the central bank had saved from relegation currency early this year as the dollar became buy relatively easy in the exchange market. Starting from December 2011, the value of the dinar started to decline with the start buying very large amounts of dollar. Shabibi told the press that the demand for the U.S. currency has increased by 40-50% at the beginning of 2012. It has worsened to the extent that the central bank feared run dinar began to increase dollar amounts in circulation. Before that, the bank usually sells about $ 150 million in the week to other banks, then the sales suddenly jumped to $ 400 million in the week. Many believed that Iran and Syria were involved in the matter, where they are buying the dollar in Iraq to compensate for a lack of hard currency as a result of the sanctions. Shabibi's response through the issuance of new instructions to narrow the provision of the dollar. Seems that it was for the stability of the dinar by the end of spring. Foreign experts think commendable Bank procedures in this situation. Today seems this series of events is located in the heart of the charges against the governor and his staff. This adds more questions about the health of the investigation. Again, because the prime minister is known to oppose the Bank's procedures, it is possible to use this situation to accusations either to get rid of Shabibi or to intimidate him so as not to stand in the face of the future prime minister.
Still stark truth in the case Shabibi a matter of dispute. Recent reports focus only on the value of the dinar, either reduce or increase its value appear to be prohibiting is not entirely clear. Apparent that the central bank's measures were crucial in the operation of the dinar against the dollar this year. Can also ratified that the Prime Minister had tried to control by the Bank, and opposed his plans to raise the value of the currency, and wanted to replace Shabibi. Prime Minister puts a series of steps in the last year or two to control the independent institutions in the country. The central bank last example of Maliki maneuvers to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the story's central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi, Wednesday, he was confident of the independence of the judiciary which Sancefh, announcing his return to Baghdad at the earliest.
The central bank governor said article Shabibi in a press statement monitored by the "long" "I am confident that the judiciary is independent and he Sancefna", pointing out that he will return "to Baghdad soon to appear before the judiciary."
The security forces carried out the day before yesterday the siege of the Central Bank and barred entry and exit and arrested a group of employees who were sentenced arrest warrants by the judiciary.
Arrest warrants included 36 employees working at the Central Bank after the charge of corruption.
The elements of the forces "SWAT" came accompanied by a committee of the Integrity Commission to conduct a series of investigations with a number of employees within the dollar auction at the CBI.
Committee which investigated working with certain names in the auction suspected of involvement operations of financial and administrative corruption led to unbalance the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, did not end their work and there are other names will be investigated in the coming days.
A source familiar with the Council of Ministers, has revealed last week that "the Council decided at its insulation Shabibi down after an investigation on financial corruption within the bank by one of the parliamentary committees (Finance Committee), and the appointment of Abdul Basit Turki agency of the Central Bank. Was Judicial Council Top announced (October 19th), for the issuance of an arrest warrant for former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.
And the Council of Ministers decided on 16 October the current mandate of President BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position of Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency.
He was a member of the Committee investigative on the work of the Central Bank of Haitham al-Jubouri said, in (14 October now) the issuance of arrest warrants and travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and officials at the bank, and is regarded as the survival of the conservative abroad will prove corruption charges. Demanded the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, mid-October 2012), Central Bank Governor indictees providing evidence, while some expressed the fear that the accusations were "politically targeted" for the bank.
And accused the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, in (14 October 2012), some political forces "trying Nile" the independence of the Central Bank of Iraq, arguing that the independence of the Bank are necessary to maintain the exchange rate of the dinar and the protection of the currency and prevent inflation, while government held responsible for investigating money laundering and disclosure of beneficiaries. The leader of the coalition of state law, Kamal Saadi, in (17 October now), that advocates of central bank policy are politicians Mentfon of Mzhadath and financiers of "terrorism", accusing some politicians affected by the suspension of corruption in Bank of being behind, as he emphasized that the committee formed by House Speaker to investigate the bank's policy includes the majority of the political blocs. was House Speaker Osama Nujaifi revealed, on October 7, 2012, for a suspicion of corruption in the work of the Iraqi Central Bank, while noting the that the Council proceeded to achieve "depth" in the policy of the central bank since 2003, vowed to pursue the investigation "personally" to the importance of the issue.
The central bank held daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the participation of Iraqi banks, excluding public holidays on which depends the Bank for these auctions, and be sales either in cash, or in the form of remittances sold abroad for a commission certain. Mention that the pace of accusations escalated on smuggling currency that overshadowed selling prices dollar in local markets and led to increased exchange rate months ago, while deputies asked the need to take the initiative on the government to stop selling the currency in auctions the central bank, others stressed that the country loses money big result smuggled daily out of the border , despite a tribute to many specialists in economic affairs on the positives of the auction to reduce inflation and to control the value of the dinar.

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