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Jordan: Iraqi ATM and his partners in the grip of justice on charges of fraud and money laundering

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Oman (Iba) .. Up / dropped the Jordanian judicial enforcement administration first last Tuesday arrested two businessmen Iraqis Jabbar al-Jubouri and Khalid الرواي partner businessman and teller Mohammed Amer, accused of defrauding merchants and businessmen in amounts estimated at 73 million dollars.

It quoted several news sites Jordanian details by saying, that the prosecutor in the city of Amman decided Iraqi investor arrest Mohammed Amer was sentenced to a week in custody at the repair center and Rehabilitation Juweidah.

The sites confirmed that the Attorney General came to the hospital of your life that was lying Mohammed Amer under security guard, in the presence of a lawyer to defend him as I took his words and turn it into a Mrkzaljavidh.

Incarcerated Balamer inside Jweida after that was taken from life inside a hospital where he was hiding, and a security source confirmed that Amer-treated prisoners were adults to wear uniforms inmates of reform and rehabilitation centers.

Hola businessmen Champions fraud case that shook the exchange market in Jordan, which has become known as cause of fraud Amer and Associates revealed this issue fraudulent tactics to some Iraqi businessmen in the implementation of their plans fraudulent in Jordan.

For its part, the Jordanian Al-Ghad newspaper published a story about the case in which he disclosed captain cashiers Jordanian Alaa Deiranieh semi-final that the value of the fraud, carried out by the exchange company based in Baghdad, with a branch in the Kingdom, amounted to $ 73 million.

He pointed out that remittances Iraqi traders are still pouring in, but you must solve this problem so as not to affect the reputation of the Jordanian banking companies, noting that the option of resorting to eliminate preferably according to the swift action.

That was the case erupted last August, after he Tjararagiwn money transfers through the exchange company in Baghdad to another company registered in the Kingdom, where before the agreed time without the receipt of funds from those merchants.

The subpoena issued from Amman's Public Prosecutor against the defendant (m. P) for fraud jointly, and is currently in a private hospital.

He said the Iraqi Investor (t, o) The Iraqi traders handed over their money under the remittances they bring cases before the courts of Jordan.

The work ATM (m. P), in Iraq during the past years in the financial field before moving to Jordan; has won the confidence of the Iraqi traders in Baghdad by giving them preferential rates on the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, contributing to lure many of them to deal with him and his preference to others.

And accumulated a lot of money billions of Iraqi dinars to the exchange company, which is owned by (m. P) over several months through its office in Iraq, so they can be received Cdolarat in Jordan Khawwalat, but attempts Iraqi traders in Amman failed to get their money, which turned to used to purchase goods and re-exported to their country.

Many of the remittances sent by Iraqi merchants has been through a proxy to exchange company in the Kingdom through his office in Baghdad, has matured last July, but the delay and the stall owner in Amman pay those traders to justice.

Many fear the Iraqi traders explicit mention their names for fear of identifying them and subjecting them to harm in their country, which suffers from a security breakdown.

The dealer Iraqi electricals, earlier, it is about more than $ 10 million from Baghdad to Amman with his partners to enable them to purchase goods and re-exported to Iraq, but they were surprised by lapse of time without receipt Hwalthm.

And the merchant, who preferred not to be named, that the Iraqi traders wish to conduct transactions through Jordan and many of them have apartments in the capital Amman, calling on the concerned authorities to help and in accordance with legal procedures for the collection of their rights.

The Iraqi government has issued arrest warrants for all managers of private banks in Baghdad and the provinces on the back of orders issued arrest Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor and 13 directors of departments and the people of the bank.

It comes issuance warrants against those due to suspicions about the major operations of money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency abroad through the direct participation of more than 10 banks civil and indirect in the sale Ataran through auctions the central bank's controversial within political circles, economic and popular.

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