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The future of Iraq reveal the "mystery" the resignation of the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi .. Contact companies tried buy team-Maliki .. The outgoing accused Norouztal substantial financial corruption!!

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The future of Iraq reveal the "mystery" the resignation of the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi .. Contact companies tried buy team-Maliki .. The outgoing accused Norouztal substantial financial corruption!!

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Author: the future of Iraq

29/08/2012 12:00 am

The future of Iraq / special
It was not only one day to deny news, published by the "Future of Iraq", confirms submit the resignation of the Minister of Communications Mohammed Allawi from office, even announced the Ministry of Communications for approval of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's request and Communications Minister to resign.
here, remain interpretations legislator, truth has over the top, and increased this fact missing insult to injury after he posted the Minister of Communications, himself, letter of resignation on Internet web sites.
Informed political sources confirmed for "Future of Iraq" that Mohammed Allawi is close to the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi submitted his resignation on "background and having suspicions in the files of financial corruption affected his ministry and the attempts by some telecommunications companies pass shady deals to Iraq, "adding that" Allawi resigned upon receipt of accurate reports on the number of files of financial corruption in his ministry, "asserting" the involvement of personalities in the ministry deals suspicious for telecom companies start at work in Iraq. "
The sources added that "personalities in the ministry offered illegally deals to the work of some telecom companies on figures very close to the Prime Minister and commissions of up to sources about $ 4 million a day for a full year in return for allowing these companies to work in Iraq" , and noted that "al-Maliki informed the offer has been rejected, making it Asaúlh about his relationship with those companies."
paid this, said the ministry's spokesman that "the Minister of Communications had presented a set of demands to the Prime Minister on the work of the ministry and the required implementation or to resign from office." But the picture is clear or is it getting blurry, especially since the views are inconsistent?.
story takes turn deeper in confusion searching for certainty, as a source knowledgeable "The heated debate took place between Mohammed Allawi and adviser to Prime Minister Sadiq al-Rikabi in a meeting on the sidelines of the call addressed by Prime Minister of the leaders of the parliamentary blocs, "pointing out that" the heated debate between the two sides raged in connection with the reforms and the withdrawal of confidence and attitude of the Iraqi List of current government, "stressing that this" gig menu icons Iraqi rule of law. "
The source pointed out that "Allawi face criticized for the state of law bothered Prime Minister at the meeting and had to say that the sectarians do not speak words that I speak for the government grew tension between the two sides so it came to Allawi forced to resign after he heard talk about the need to resign after meeting out of the blocks! " According to the words of the source.
but these statements refute and confirmed by the text of a letter of resignation minister, seems the message, clear in meaning, and equivocal on issues that turned out to be paid the minister to resign.
Allawi says in the text of his resignation letter, "This is the second message write it for you than you Atakovh of reflection The political crisis on our relationship, "noting" in all circumstances do not look to the opinion of others in me and my work and my intention not care who exist a non-God Almighty is more familiar Boukfalla things and beds people and their intentions. "
and describes the message "You have come a few weeks ago to the ministry and Ttrguetm to things about the ministry, including that there are beneficiaries take commissions by 20% or 10% Kivsad Mali ", adding" I do not know who is the intended this nudge and asked explicitly stop holding Norouztal because security implications, and allow the chancellor technical Dr. Hiyam attacking the ministry, Unfortunately was she has a lot of inaccuracies, but I did not want to rappel to this level and Ward on her and those fallacies. "
and indicates the minister in his letter on company Norouztal and ordered commissions Financial said, "is another Ttrguetm him, which is that this company offered you participate and Edtkm profits amounting $ 4 million per day any by 120 million dollars a month, "pointing out that" we and the Ministry of Communications, which owns infrastructure network covering most parts of Iraq and we wanted to monthly from this network of about four million dollars, "noting," Yes, when Iraq becomes a conduit for all Communication from the East to the West, this figure could double double or can be up to three times or a little more, and means that our ground with a network Norouztal can at best yield between ten million to fifteen million dollars a month, half of share the ministry, if not more, half or one third of the share Norouztal, meaning that the share Norouztal gain net can not reach at best more than $ 5 million per month, after deducting expenses., a reasonable profit if we know that the cost of their project will be about 150 million dollars, "adding" I fully responsible for all my words those. "
but so far does not seem the picture is clear, and increasingly blurry, and goes on minister in the text of his resignation explaining professionalism, and the importance of the draft optical cable, which it sees as the security agencies that would breach security and intelligence, This is what the minister felt that excuse to conquer the work of his ministry!. The story does not end here, questions Taatkhalq about this matter, especially since sources say that "Allawi traveled to London after submitting his resignation", noting that there is a possibility of his return to office after that replaced by Torhan Mufti agency.

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