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360 billion dinars for the implementation of environmental and agricultural projects in Baghdad

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360 billion dinars for the implementation of environmental and agricultural projects in Baghdad

08/13/2012 0:00

Ministry of Environment is a strategy to combat desertification
Baghdad - and Wafaa Amer and Jinan-Asadi
spotted the province of Baghdad 360 billion dinars for the implementation of environmental projects and other related sectors, agriculture and water resources within the projects for the current year. This comes at a time announced the Ministry of Environment said it was coordinating with international organizations to prepare a strategy to combat desertification. The MP said the technical governor of Baghdad, a full-Saadi's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that the province during its chairmanship of the Council to protect and improve the environment in the capital, ratified on several projects concerning the sectors of environment, agriculture, water resources and allocated amounts from the budget of regional development for the implementation of 300 billion dinars for the implementation of the afforestation project entrances capital in full and Xaúha and cover an area of soil bricks cornice, as well as the allocation of $ 60 billion dinars for the implementation of projects related to agriculture and water resources, noting that these projects include digging canals irrigation work and the distribution of sprays of water in areas of Baghdad different, leading to the reclamation of tens of thousands of acres to be a cover of green new contribute to soil stabilization. He added that the province is in the process of the announcement of two others, the first new assessment of microbial diversity to keep agriculture from any lesions are threatened, and another project to monitor space vegetables. In the same context and within the procedures chock for the protection of the environment, and distributed to maintain Recently 45 holocaust medical between the institutions of the Ministry of Health for the elimination of medical waste that pollute the environment. He Saadi that the soil suffers from severe deterioration and encroachment of desertification as it is lost each year thousands of acres due to lack of vegetation, pointing out that the delayed implementation of the Green Belt various stages contributed to the exacerbate the problem, as well as the large number of residues and waste produced by different laboratories and hospitals, as that what is thrown in the Tigris River daily from this waste of 1.6 million cubic meters of contaminated water, warning that the continuation of the case as it is without the presence of punitive measures contribute to the increase risks of environmental pollution on public health. In the meantime, official said the Division of water quality monitoring and soil in the Ministry of Environment son Waeli's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): The ministry coordinates with international organizations to prepare a strategy implemented in stages to combat desertification and to identify the causal factors them, thus contributing to finding effective solutions to stop it completely, usually this phenomenon as one of the most prominent environmental problems that has plagued Iraq, stimulant to the natural and human factors contribute to increasing rates of desertification in the country through the loss of productive agricultural land and the encroachment on the natural pastures. It showed that the strategic will be the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture and water resources, health and electricity as well as other ministries is concerned, pointing to the need to find quick solutions, especially after the expansion of areas plagued by a result of the deterioration of agricultural areas and converts it to the areas of arid and semi-arid, association between the breadth of those areas and increase the rate of storms of Education during the period last . called Waeli the relevant authorities to contribute to efforts to halt desertification in the country, especially the Ministry of Agriculture, which is still used method of immersion in irrigation, which works to raise the rates of groundwater and thus turning the earth to saline (oozing), in addition to the lack of integration of networks Alambazl or not available in the majority of agricultural land, along with the farmers hard-river small without the advice or prior planning leads to cutting off water to the adjacent land and thus desertification. and saw that among the other reasons leading to desertification, is the lack of rain, which led to the lack of vegetation , as well as overgrazing and the removal of natural vegetation for use as firewood leads to soil erosion of the means of protection, and thus turn it into a land desertified, demanding the need to establish programs to combat desertification caused by decreasing the area of land involved in agricultural production, especially in central and southern regions. It is said that experts warned that the phenomenon of desertification is accelerating in the country seriously, where the percentage of land prone (92) percent of the total area, and since (1981) this had risen due to military operations caused by the dictatorial regime and have had negative consequences on the environment.

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