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Adoption of the Law of Basra near the capital of Iraq's economic

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Adoption of the Law of Basra near the capital of Iraq's economic

04/08/2012 0:00

After a parliamentary agreement on the project
Baghdad - morning - Shaima Rashid
confirmed the parliamentary economic committee approved a bill near Basra, Iraq's economic capital. has confirmed the Commission's decision that the project Mahma Khalil Basra, Iraq's economic capital is very important .. We are with the birth of this project because of the advantages and possibilities of Basra that be the capital of Iraq's economic development.
He pointed out that the project of projects of the previous session has upheld the political blocs of the project, stressing that this project serves the people of Iraq in general and the sons of Basra, particularly when approval.
"The This project is at birth, will create jobs and give Basra allocate a special budget and degrees of functional, "noting that the countries of the region where there is economic capital Kasitnpol, Aleppo, and this is no stranger to the region.
It is the province of Basra, an important center for the oil industry in Iraq, holding two-thirds of oil reserves in the country's 143 billion barrels and is working on its own soil ten companies international oil foreign.
For his part, said a member of the Economic Commission Amer Hussein: "The law of Basra, capital of Iraq's economic longer necessary."
Hussain added that he "recognizes the reality which is that Basra, capital of Iraq's economic practice, because three-quarters of Iraqi resources come through Basra, as some call the livelihood of Iraq. "
He continued: "In Basra, Iraq's only port, Basra, and the first oil production, which is actually the capital of Iraq's economic links with three neighboring countries .. If practical, the field is the capital of Iraq's economic and law came to describe this fact then gives Basra entitlements from being the province to economic capital in a country like Iraq is rich in its riches must be of Imran and clear, with a position among the capitals of the world's economic Kasitnpol, Alexandria and other metropolitan economic development.
He added by saying : "Unfortunately, Basra now is another of Iraq's provinces in terms of construction, services and infrastructure, although it gateway to Iraq and all the calamities witnessed by the country passed through Basra," he said, adding that the people of Basra are suffering from pollution from oil and gas production and air pollution, so it was this law to realize the truth and fairness of Basra.
He also noted that this law serves Basra Bataúha and its role true through the expansion of the powers and increase the budget and construction and this will be a magnet for investors and will be a place of rest for expatriates to Iraq for the purpose of development and reconstruction, in addition to extending the powers of local government in Basra to promote projects of reconstruction.
He said the "The law taking a course in legislation and read the first reading and is now waiting for the second reading and then vote, confirming the presence of considerable support by the political blocs, and that the law will see the light soon.
The MP Furat al-Shara has recently announced completion of a bill of Basra, capital of Iraq's economic, adding that the Commission the preparation of the project submitted a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on this matter has got approval to the bill.
He also noted that a large number of MPs have expressed their approval of the law, noting that the paper of law submitted to the Legal Adviser to the President of parliament, after approved by the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary , "pointing out that the law would not serve the people of Basra, but to serve all the Iraqi people.

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