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Trade warns agents of the amounts of materials to meet Ramadan free 07/16/2012

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Trade warns agents of the amounts of materials to meet Ramadan free


BAGHDAD / JD / .. warned the Ministry of Trade Agents Supply of complete sums from citizens vocabulary extra for the month of Ramadan.
The Director of Sales Centre Karkh Jabbar Faraj Maaleh in a statement today, Monday, received / JD / copy of it: The "ration Additional distributed free of charge in the case of fulfillment of any amounts of them call the hotline of the Office of the Inspector General or the Audit Department of Commerce in the ministry. "
said Maaleh "was the direct distribution of items of the ration for the month of Ramadan, where the center processed material lentils as background material for the fasting person."
and "The The work continued until late hours and holidays for the purpose of delivery of materials quickly and smooth before the holy month of Ramadan. "
The Director of Sales Centre Karkh that the "center equipped agents textured lentils soon as they arrive on 15 July present, reaching to the stores so far (400) tons and receive trucks continuously until completion (468) tons a quota allocated to the center for distribution before the holy month of Ramadan. "
The Ministry of Trade continuation of the processing of citizens' vocabulary ration card ins for the month of Ramadan through the centers of the company's sales overall trade in foodstuffs. / Finished / 22

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Delete the problem of zeros

17/07/2012 0:00

Ann Salah
Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency is what is of concern to economists in this period Between supporter of his reasons and an opposing point of view to discuss the issue of withdrawal of an estimated $ 30 trillion dinars, storage and destruction, and raises this proposal sensation because there is a fear much of the proposal to delete the zeros will carry the country's overstretched because it will increase the phenomenon of money laundering and would negatively affect the financial trading in the stock market with the possibility of rising inflation rates and larger than the current On the other hand some see as a step in the right way to restoring the integrity of the Iraqi currency and get rid of inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy. While the government has adopted this idea felt that the patient is best suited now because of the money supply enormous that must be stored and destroyed as it considered the issue is not a priority at the moment and decided to study the possibilities and circumstances available to such a process even out the outcome satisfactory to all parties, especially foreign investors, who began they see in Iraq a breeding ground for their investment after the improvement in the security situation and the accompanying events in the region and who, of course, going to their accounts of what will imply a move from the effects of a clear form of the local economy, which will confuse reality investment inevitably Everyone knows that the investor is (capital coward).
The process of deletion of zeros from the currency will address the economic inflation exists and facilitate trade and will help the citizen in the ease of doing business and the exchange of currency and ease of carrying groups of cash a few in the purchase of goods and commodities as well as it will raise the moral value of the currency of Iraq and stop "dollarization" of the Iraqi economy, but in contrast, hold this process at the present time would be an additional burden on the state and will not involve a gain or loss incurred by not only mean to change the currency, what is changing is the number expressed only if accompanied by the deletion of zeros equal or increased value of the dinar from the dollar's value as in the past when the exchange .
We need to recognize that the process of lifting the zeros of the new currency is necessary and of great importance to the Iraqi economy, but requires extensive studies from which to find the means to expel the specter of corruption from the process all the merits in order to restore the Iraqi dinar prestige in front of other currencies and to educate citizens about the expected results through which to dissipate his fear of change, which will be introduced on its currency.

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