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Threatened by President Jalal Talabani, yesterday, to resign from his post in case Oghebraly change his convictions

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He did not sign the paper created by the Arbil Fakhri Karim

6/17/2012BAGHDAD - A New Morning

Threatened by President Jalal Talabani, yesterday, to resign from his post in case Oghebraly change his convictions, and when he said that his office requires impartiality and unity, he stressed that he would not stand against the "Shiite majority," which does not represent the Sadrists only a quarter of their number in the House of Representatives.

Talabani said in a letter addressed to the President of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani and the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi and President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, "The President of the Republic must remain neutral and sponsor of the meeting of national reunification and unity, this is the role that Sevkdh If you stop with one party against another party , so I forced me if the conditions on the convictions of violating this principle Vsakdm resign from the presidency of the Republic. "

Talabani said that, "responded the subject of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister in the consultative meeting held in Arbil, was my position is clear is that I am neutral in the meeting by virtue of being President of the Republic, so I did not sign the paper created by Fakhri Karim did not allow for our fellow leaders who are to sign it."

However, Talabani "but I have to say I said in commenting on the withdrawal of confidence and a pressure and intimidation if he refuses the National Alliance or the Prime Minister adhere to the principles and frameworks set out the previous agreements, I will ask the Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence," saying that "your letter (received by June 10 this month) include misunderstanding and lack of precision in the listed positions. "

Addressing Talabani, the three said: "There is no doubt that you remember that the focus was on the need to implement the previous agreements and the new demands of the reforms and partnership and not to monopolize power, but what happened is that you Holtm the whole subject to the withdrawal of confidence, knowing that the National Alliance told me officially, as Prime Minister, also prepared to respect and implement the previous agreements and look into the respect and consideration to all the paragraphs of the letter except paragraph no confidence. "

The President of the Republic that "after that and made an appeal to call for serious dialogue that was rejected before you, as has been the Iraqi province of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee which prepared the agenda of dialogue Rose Nuri Shaways on behalf of the Kurdistan Alliance and thus Hsrtm topic on one point: no confidence."

Talabani added, "so it is not true what you would have written, your Excellency, the Altazemtem evident even at the last meeting Bdukan, you will guide a no-confidence if the availability of number of signatures provided for the House and the amount of 164 deputies."

And Talabani that in the "Meeting Dukan only be clear with you and before you, with brother Massoud Barzani, brother Barzani that I will not I use my powers to call for the withdrawal of confidence," pointing to his signature "text proposed by Massoud Barzani, to send a letter to parliament calling for an extraordinary session and leaving the freedom of the deputies to take the necessary decision in accordance with the Constitution. "

He denied Talabani's health what is stated in their letter, which confirmed sending "Signatures House's 164 deputies, but that the messages which gave me her brother Azad Berwari was carrying signatures of 160 deputies, and when he announced the news of the formation of a presidential commission to scrutinize the signatures poured us telegrams and telephone of the deputies ask to delete signatures" .

The Talabani that "the Presidential Commission has to investigate and audit transpired after phone calls with the House of Representatives that there are 12 deputies asking for the withdrawal of signatures and two requesting a freeze Toaqaahma, and then contacted the deputy, claiming that the signature is known to many by virtue of being a physician, to request cancellation is claimed that he signed," pointing to in case of "If you put together and we raised, we find that there are 145 signatures valid, delivered their messages and we added the signing of 11 deputies of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), reaching only number 156 signatures."

The President of the Republic that "for the duration of my presidency, no one could accuse me of being biased, but to the Iraqi and the blocks that fall under its banner as attested to by Messrs. Adel and Tarek, who heard from the Prime Minister accused me of siding with the Islamic Party, as evidenced by this and I stood against the ablation of the professors Saleh al-Mutlaq and Adnan Janabi and Iskandar, who became Vice Tut after Tdkhlaty repeated. "

He said Talabani that "there are other points in your letter do not want to answer it now but please prevent speaking on your behalf or newspapers near you to refrain from provocation and insult me ​​when they claim that we carry out the commands of Iran earlier and later, I inform you that I have the final answer which Oterva him now."

Talabani and new "Call to the national meeting, who previously agreed upon with the National Alliance with the promise that I will stand by me written with you if they refuse your requests prior agreements and other legitimate then I wish to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister."

Talabani added in his letter, "It is time to Frankly the real reasons, which leads me to reject a request to withdraw confidence, which is never the cause of the defense of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki or endorsement of all its activities," noting that "the prime minister went to the Arab majority Shiite represented the National Alliance, and may not jump on them a request to withdraw confidence, but efforts must be made with them to persuade them to alter its representative for prime minister.

Talabani confirmed the lack of standing "against the Shiite majority and entitlements, and with all due respect to the Sadrist movement, they do not represent only a quarter of Shiite legislators in Parliament," pointing out that "the National Alliance, told me it is fully prepared to implement the agreements and taking into account the respect for papers Arbil, the first and second.

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