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Mr. Hakim calls to avoid confidentiality agreements and transactions that serve Almtsafiqin and not the public interest

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Mr. Hakim calls to avoid confidentiality agreements and transactions that serve Almtsafiqin and not the public interest

Wednesday, 02 May / May 2012 19:56

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates stressed Mr. Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq on the condition that the success of the meetings held between the political parties look to be of a deep and comprehensive strategy to the problems of the country and notes the full merits of the Iraqi political parties.

He said in a Cultural Forum Weekly, which was held at his office in Baghdad Wednesday that the political parties that Ttabany to implement what is agreed upon through the provision of guarantees reassure everyone, explaining that the solutions diagnosed the problem and identify the affected parties and transactions means the understandings under the table and obligations based Almtsafiqin and not the public interest, indicated the need to be characterized by clarity and understandings that inform public opinion and the people of what has been agreed upon.
He noted that the question marks stand out in front of the reasons for the secrecy agreements, calling for confidentiality agreements to avoid and deal with clarity and transparency and to agree on matters consistent with the public interest and reveal to him.

He welcomed Mr. Ammar al-Hakim in all the meetings that calm the situation and looking for solutions that enhance confidence between the political parties, renewed his call for the adoption of dialogue as an introduction only to solve problems so as to provide service to the citizen and provide a climate of political stability needed by the citizens, and expressed that the dialogue between the political forces not to worry about whether honest dialogue and strengthen the unity of Iraq and promote confidence between the political parties.
And al-Hakim said that the four conditions for the success of the meetings is the vision and strategic Altabani on the implementation of agreements and solutions instead of going to the transactions, clarity and transparency means the reset of crisis and calm the political arena and promote confidence between the street and political forces.

He warned that the meetings if they are free of the four conditions will mean hatching crisis and emerge from crisis to another crisis, noting that the political crisis paid for the Iraqi people in its services and security and the reality of living, stressing that national harmony is directly proportional to the interest Isthsalha Iraqi citizen.
He said the national meeting represents a major challenge and a test of political forces and how serious the adoption of dialogue and problem solving in order to serve the homeland and citizens, warning of the unknown, if not held a national meeting was held or the results did not come out intact.

And the price of call Fayhaa channel to broadcast the meeting on the air for my country as a citizen expressing his support for this initiative, which he described as evidence on the evolution of the Iraqi media, transforming it from a news carrier to the joint.

Kuwait and on call to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII Called al-Hakim in Kuwait to contribute to remove Iraq from Chapter VII and the restoration of full sovereignty and to address debt and reparations owed ​​by Iraq of Kuwait.

He noted that the common interests and the economic benefits greater than the debt and damages, asserting that Iraq today carries a message of openness and looking for common interests and mutual respect with other countries.

He expressed his happiness positively meetings of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti, indicating that the solution of problems with Kuwait could be a model for the positive relationship between Iraq and the Gulf states considering further meetings seriously real and constructive dialogue and good faith would mean the real deal to the outstanding problems one after the other and the elimination of years of estrangement between Iraq and Kuwait, which planted by the former regime.

On the ration card called al-Hakim members of the House of Representatives to consider the ration card in place and provides for the enactment of the quantity, type and category of beneficiary.

He pointed to the need to stay away from all the tenders and suspicious cases of corruption in the ration card, which you hear from time to time, and expressed surprise at the turn of the ration card on a document demanded by the national Iraqi citizen, wherever solution and in the simplest transaction.

He said the demand of Iraqi immigrants ration card when reviewing the state's departments, which they must issue a ration card, calling for the competent authorities that the card is for the needy with improved, reducing the pressure on the state budget, stressing that the ration of good and full for the needy is not impossible if the override routine .

On the issue of education called al-Hakim and the Ministry of Education to develop a special directorate of early education, citing the reports of UNICEF and UNESCO, which confirms that 10% of Iraqi children are urging early education and 7% of this figure is regaining its children in the villages and the countryside.

He noted that the early education (pre-primary) will provide the fundamental basis of the rigorous stages of elementary, middle and junior high, stressing that the need of early education and awareness of popular culture.

In the case of mines, called for the adoption of a national strategy for mine clearance, in reference to the existence of 30 million mines in Iraq, making Iraq the most affected countries of the mine, saying that the mines are spread to 1,730 square kilometers, mostly agricultural land and oil, which negatively affects the status of agriculture and oil and expressed fear of the serious issue of mines in Iraq.

On the subject of International Workers' Holiday congratulated Mr. Ammar Hakim, Iraqi workers and the world Biomanm the World, calling for improving the status of the Iraqi working through a reshaping of the labor law and the legislature to reconsider the law which prevents the system time employees and working to prevent him from organizing unions.

He noted that workers in Iraq needs to legislation governing trade union action in Iraq away from the bickering and politicization, stressing the need to convert daily wages and contract to permanent staffing and coverage of workers' social security and the return of laboratory work and the protection of national products and to support the advancement of the industrial sector and re-Industrial Bank to serve the industry in the development of factories and the establishment of new factories.

On the issue of literary eighth al-Hakim step Writers' Union and Arab writers to hold their session in the capital Baghdad, noting that such action reveals the reality of cultural creative new experienced by Iraq, saying the move a chance to return Iraq to the Arab arena, calling for writers Iraqis to Atarul their creativity in the Arab arena and Iraqi forces. ended

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