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Cabinet denies the request of the Government to link the Central Bank by

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Baghdad denied the Iraqi Council of Ministers, on Thursday, that there is a demand from the government to link the Central Bank of him. The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords in a statement issued today, and received "Alsumaria News", a copy of "The Iraqi government did not ask for link Central Bank Council, or even trying to undermine its independence. " The head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Osama Najafi said, on April 10 now, should not be dependent central bank for the government to prevent the seizure of Iraq's money or the implementation of international provisions issued against Iraq by the creditors, and in He pointed out that the Council will host bank governor Sinan Cbyiba at a hearing to show the issue of the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, attributed Shabibi reasons for the high exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar to the weakness of domestic production and the weakness of the government's actions. Article 2/2 of the Law on Central Bank of Iraq 56 of 2004 on the "In order to achieve the objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq and to accomplish its tasks, the Central Bank of Iraq independent and responsible as provided for in this Act, except as determined contrary to this law, will not receive the CBI instructions from any entity or person or institution, including government institutions, and will be respected independence of the Central Bank of Iraq can not be anyone of influence and improper for any member of the decision-making body in the Central Bank of Iraq during the performance of his duties at the bank or to interfere in the activities of the Central Bank of Iraq. " The Finance Committee, the parliamentary criticized, yesterday, (8 this April ), the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and its attempts to dominate the monetary policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and curbing the powers of the province, noting that this was a violation of the constitution and a danger to the Iraqi economy. and the Federal High Court issued a decision, in January 18, 2012, provides for attachment to independent bodies referred to in the Constitution Iraqi prime minister directly, and not under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives, and the decision came at the request of the Cabinet Office to the Federal Court on 2 December last year, to reflect the destination of the link. and called on the Iraqi Central Bank, in the January 24, 2011, the Federal Supreme Court to a resolution declaratory second shows its first decision to link independent bodies, headed by cabinet and not under the chairmanship of the parliament, warning of risk of many faces in the country in the event of leaving the decision without explanation. included Chapter IV of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005, independent bodies, within the material (102 to 108), the promise of the Constitution in Article (102) both of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the Electoral Commission for elections, and the Integrity Commission, independent bodies are in their work to the control of the House of Representatives, and thus linked to these bodies the highest reference legislation in the Iraqi state, and is organizing its law issued by the Council of Representatives. letter of the law set in 2004 by Bremer the U.S. on Iraq Paul Bremaraly independence of the central bank, and the granting of the law, the bank the task of ensuring price stability at home and build a stable financial system and competitive based on the market in order to promote sustainable growth and employment and prosperity in Iraq. The Iraqi constitution refers in his door the fourth under the title (independent bodies) to a number of bodies and organs, Kdioan financial control, and the CMC, and the National De-Baathification, which replaced the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice, also identified the Constitution the nature of their relationship to the House of Representatives or Council of Ministers.

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