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House of Representatives to raise its next Thursday

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House of Representatives to raise its next Thursday

Date: Monday 12/03/2012 16:28

Baghdad (news) .. Lifting of the House of Representatives its normal to Thursday next.
A statement by the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Monday: House Speaker Osama al adjournment of the Parliament to Thursday next after the completion of the parliament read a first and a second for a number of bills on the agenda his works.

The statement added that the MP for the coalition in Iraq, Haider Mulla read out a statement on behalf of the Parliamentary Caucus to support the national reconciliation confirmed the support of MPs of all efforts exerted to hold the Arab summit, adding that the success of the summit as an achievement of the Iraqi state, is a responsibility shared by all political forces and civil society organizations, the media and popular forces and the Libyan pointing out that the Baghdad summit will bring leadership, the leadership of Iraq in the region and will be a springboard to develop a draft capable of organizing the interests of the peoples of the region and dealing with the changes that took place.

The statement noted: that the Presidency has decided to postpone the first reading of a proposed law set up a fund to compensate the victims of genocide and submitted by the committees of the financial, legal, pending the opinion of the government and the Committee of the martyrs and political prisoners, where bill aims to offset with the martyrs of the popular uprising and the victims of Dujail and marshes, Turkmen and the massacres of Halabja, Barzan and Anfal and the Fayli Kurds and Iraqi citizens who were damaged physical and moral and material by the system former regime for political reasons, ethnic, sectarian and covered compensation decisions of the Court of Criminal unqualified.

The statement continued: As to postpone the first reading of proposed law to amend the Passport Law, submitted by the committees of security, defense and legal at the request of the security and defense committee and the bill aims to harmonize with the current developments at the level of geography, population and the expansion of cities and the need for citizens to passports, according to the look the constitutional rights of citizens and freedom of travel and the transfer of departments and institutions is permissible in all of Iraq to the directorates of civilian far from the security institutions.

The statement said: that the Council read the first reading of a bill of civil defense and submitted by the committees of security, defense and legal order to enhance the procedures and measures protective for all segments of society and its impact in reducing the potential for accidents and minimize its effects if they occur and the purpose of implementing training programs and expand the circle of voltage regulator in government departments and all sectors and framed within the legal controls binding as part of the functions and duties of civil defense executive, in line with the development and potential risks.

and completed the reading The second draft law on ratification of the Statute of the Arab Environment Facility and submitted by the Committee on Foreign Relations.
In interventions MP Bayazid Hassan said that the ratification of the statute was hurt in the interest of Iraq in order to cope with environmental problems and facilitate the participating countries exchange technological and research to address the problem of the environment.

For his part, wondered MP Abbas al-Bayati for the bases used for differentiating between the ratification of the Statute, conventions and international treaties.
He noted the deputy Haider Mulla to the consequences of the Convention during the period of constitutional vacuum between the date of signature and vote in the House of Representatives.

In its response to the interventions confirmed the Committee on Foreign Relations statute that is similar to the treaty, the Convention shall apply it once the conditions for the vote on the agreements, noting that the privileges and obligations of the treaty will benefit from the date of the vote, which would not entail any consequences during the period of constitutional vacuum.

and he finished the second reading of the bill and the Ministry of Science and Technology, submitted by the Committees of Higher Education and the law.
In interventions, Ladies and Gentlemen MPs on the draft law MP Adnan al-Janabi said the draft law on the ministry in spite of its importance is contrary to the constitution and private Maitalq powers exclusive to the federal government calling for the formation of a competent body to take care of science and technology instead of the ministry.

pointed MP Mahmoud stranger to the need to identify the functions and Kelly ministry rather than to enable the Minister to give authorization validity full of his advisers, rather than agents.

called MP Hanan al not to enact the law for non-feasibility and to the continuing work of the ministry the current until the resolution of its own destiny.
For his part, MP Hamid Buffy that the bill establishes the Ministry of should not set up in the federal system and contrary to the principle Altrchiq government.

He noted the MP Sabah al-Saadi to the possibility of the division of the formations and the Ministry of Science and Technology between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Media and Communications according to its functions and its work.
promised deputy governor Zamili Ministry of Science and Technology of the important ministries, which includes a large number of scientists and competencies that must be taken care of, calling for integration of directorates financial, administrative and legal in the Directorate of one general.

For his part, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mr. Qusay al-Suhail Ministry of Science of the important ministries are very particular that the world began to tend toward specialization, noting that departments of the Ministry will not be a substitute for state institutions adding that the existing competencies of the Ministry can provide service aspects Advisory, which requires expansion of research centers.

and demanded the MP Haifa breeze for changes in some articles of the draft law to fit with the important role of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
and MP Kamal Saadi that the ministry remains until the end of the ministerial session of the current being subject to the benefits of political He pointed out that the ministry can provide scientific services to the State, calling for increased allocations of Finance in order to support inventors.

in turn, indicated to the Commission on Higher Education willingness to study the opinions and proposals of Representatives will be discussing the role of the Ministry in various fields.
after the Presidency decides to postpone the second reading of the Communications Bill and information submitted by the committees of the services and construction, culture and media to a future meeting.
It was decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday 15/03/2012. / Finished / l. m /

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