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Iraq: A call to adopt the positions of political harmony of the national issues

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Iraq: A call to adopt the positions of political harmony of the national issues

28.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - (Rn), called on the Iraqi political parties Saturday to adopt a position consistent political forces of the national issues and rejected foreign interference in internal affairs. With Asher observers "absence" in the political consensus and concern some of the leaders of the blocks their personal interests.

Alliance of Kurdistan called the political blocs to a meeting "urgent" and issue a statement condemning all foreign intervention, whether Turkish or Iranian, or Saudi Arabia. A member of the coalition supporters a good thing for the Kurdistan News Agency ( Rn) that "foreign interference in Iraqi affairs and to the extent of the cynicism that can not and as a citizen listens to remarks Soleimani and Erugan doubt that there is independence in Iraq."

He also said that "the problem is in the political bloc Some condemn Iranian meddling and condemns the intervention of Turkish and vice versa." He explained that "the neighbors do not interfere in Iraqi affairs that were not aware that her comments would be welcome by the political parties."

He pointed out that "the convictions that were issued by the position of its commitment to Iraq must be directed against all interventions." and the good that "the Iraqi government and the clear positions of interventions required, but is the attitude of the political blocs." He noted that "the need to hold an urgent meeting of the political blocs and issue a statement of condemnation of those interventions."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned on Tuesday the Iraqi authorities that Ankara will not remain "silent" in the case of the Baghdad encouraging sectarian conflict in Iraq. He said Erdogan also The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to understand that if this process began in the face of Iraq under the form of sectarian conflict, "it is set to remain silent."

For his part, Sadr falls under the National Alliance that acts which do not serve the national interest that would be of any by the Iraqi politician is a weakening of the position of the country. A member of the current horse Jubouri (Rn) that "any action does not serve the national interest in any geographical area is weakening to the source of the statement and the weakening of the Iraqi position and reflects the unity of the internal political sound."

The Jubouri " statements that are not difficult in the national interest and the issue of political figures are targeted to the political process and the targeting of Iraq's future on the international level. " Jubouri and that "there is a positive trend year return of Iraq to the international and Hadhanth to its effective role in the region." But he also said, "but there are indications that by some of the policies of the bullying parties external to his own interests."

Observers believe the significant political divisions between the political blocs dropped Bdilalha negatively on the decision-making relating to the national interest. He said political analyst Hussein dry (Rn) that "the absence of national position of general and complete result of the splits wide in the ranks of the Iraqi political forces internal and reflected on the attitudes of those forces on issues of national interest. " and dry it, "for example when I started the Turkish forces bombed villages in northern Iraq and destroyed property have not seen a stand, rejecting the Iraqi government like the one we see today after Erdogan's comments. "

"The Turkish statements when I felt some internal issues They are located in the Prime Minister responded to these statements as if a personal issue." He said, "the conflict on the posts and the personal interests of some politicians, has become something clear to the Iraqi people." The country has a political crisis between the coalition of state law and Iraqi summoned from the recent suspension of its presence in both houses of parliament and ministers. is still necessary charges against Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, his support of "terrorism" interact amid optimism resolving disputes at a national conference called by President Jalal Talabani. From: Haider Ibrahim. Open: Murtaza Yousuf

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