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Politicians and citizens are demanding political blocs to resolve problems for the benefit of Iraq

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Politicians and citizens are demanding political blocs to resolve problems for the benefit of Iraq

On: Wed, 25/01/2012 10:15

 Babylon / Iqbal, Muhammad
said, politicians and citizens of Babylon, that Iraq is going through a dangerous political blocs should be resolved their differences and problems for the sake of Iraq and the National Conference is the best solution to resolve all disputes out of the tunnel. and between a member of the House of Representatives to an inch: We We need to possibilities

And understanding between the political blocs because the status quo with this title is alarming and the state of dispersion and the situation is not praise him, we want to feel the Iraqi political process has provided him a lot and feel the change and we want to debate politicians to get out of the crisis and come together in love and peace with others and the survival of the blocks conflicting harms the Iraqi situation and the conference will be a good omen. and the National Conference a positive step towards resolving the situation because the situation does not praise him there intersections sharp between the political blocs to the survival of the situation of crisis does not serve the citizen and the political process and that some politicians think the formation of the regions and we are now behooves us to turn towards the conference, which can be considered a step-change in the situation and we do not rely on him 100% and could reach a solution to the crisis and form committees concerned about it and follow to resolve crises, survival without a solution without searching the sensitive issues of concern to the citizens arrive at a dead end we hope to be successful and come out with positive results for citizens to feel that it is elected by their people for that.

A member of the conservative Hassan reactivated the National Conference logo is a good thing if the intentions are purely for the people is welcome from everywhere and we are with the conference and we hope his stay of the country's leaders to look at what's going on Iraq and we need to be coherent national and to the love between the blocks and the interdependence of an arbitrator to get rid of the problem taking place in the regional arena around the country note the lack of security and stability in Syria and the possibility of closing the Strait of Hormuz by Iran and the reason for a big problem and if we have with Turkey's problems than the problem so closing scene and we will remain trapped .

. We hope the political partners have to offer concessions to some of the other structures, honest and must be felt by citizens all calling him but the reality of Iraq, even if held (10) conferences do not get approved we hope of the country's leaders to give up and solve the problems of Iraq and we need consistency.
Dr. Ali al-Rubaie from the University of Babylon, that reconciliation is necessary at this stage in order to install and views of all parties in order to be in front of a real confrontation for the service of Iraq, what is going on now is lack of trust between the parties and reflected negatively on the situation in Iraq, we hope that through this conference to be a showdown true to ask the topics in order to reflect this process on the political process that we aspire to be positive in Iraq.

Dr. Bader Nasser that this conference a serious attempt for politicians to defuse the crisis and the desire of everyone to put themselves in the political process and return to the practice of their business state need to be political activists, but need more to provide services and move respected public opinion because the situation in Iraq is not likely disagreement and everyone should go to construction and reconstruction, especially after the departure of U.S. troops.

He said the artist Fadel Hakran conferences, terminology and landfills politics had abounded on the people of this conference does not work useful, but if it did not come from harmful not come from benefit we hope the politicians to unite their hearts before their tongues this day are waiting for the results of politicians who have failed in everything from the House of Representatives to provincial councils and the reasons are as clear as the sun do not want to question the person, we are prisoners not know of any door we entered we are waiting Massalankm and your keenness to the people.

and the poet Mowaffaq Mohammed said the conflict of interests people outside of the issue they reconcile personal, not national, because they did not put the country set their eyes must resign in order to know that's true there is a national reconciliation because they want to Abrioa themselves. How build a home we want to Nnk inside of lying does not build the nation. We hope that comes out the National Conference if the contract results.

Muhannad dendritic human rights activist said in my capacity as a citizen of the people of Babylon, I call on all political blocs in Baghdad to engage in a positive way and that, forgetting grudges and personal matters and stay away their interests and look at poor people, which has been plagued since (1980) So far, we hope that there will be positive results and leave the results of a real hope that there will be dialogues positive in the case shall not be a verbal argument or political.

The citizen Ahmed Kadhim said the political scene, in Iraq scene dangerous for the Iraqi people there Trkabbat and much citizen awaiting the positive side, but we expect the situation aspect of the negative, as witnessed by the situation of the altercations between the heads of political blocs and problems on the National Conference to be held either in Baghdad or Kurdistan, or held under the patronage of the Prime Minister or President of the Republic is still the situation and vague fears and hopes are that the citizen be no stability in the security situation, political and economic stability in the side and improve the quality of services and provide jobs for the unemployed.

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