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People wanted to overthrow the regime

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1People wanted to overthrow the regime Empty People wanted to overthrow the regime Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:56 pm



People wanted to overthrow the regime

21/12/2011 18:58

Shaker Anbari *

Minorities in the Arab world, many of which are national Kalomazag and Turkmen, Circassians and other tribes, including what is religious or sectarian Christians of various denominations, and the Houthis, and biologists, and Alozidiin. These minorities have long complained of discrimination and marginalization and eligible for cancellation, either in language or in fighting positions or acts of worship, or look around them from the majority community.

It is assumed that the systems involved in this marginalization of minorities on the systems is not fair, and assumes that revolutions bring to power systems, fair in dealing with minorities.

From here came the slogan may topple the people want. And revolutions Arab succeeded in changing more than one system, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and change the system has many meanings, the simplest is to topple the dictator and his party and his inner circle, and the establishment of the structure of a new political, and writing a constitution will vary the most part, from its predecessor, and may include in the basis of allowing multi-party system, the circulation of governance, the separation of powers from each other, and the application of laws is fair to everyone. This is certainly a theoretical concept of change and its consequences.

Either on the ground is not necessarily the individual applications that touches all of that. The revolution can not, between the overnight, the heart of the community, and concepts, and mechanisms of power upside down.

Usually consists of the old with new, and sometimes takes his place, and the change of mind is not an easy equation, and this can be seen in more than one place. Perhaps the recent events in Egypt see a clear continuation of the old structure of the new ruling, as it resulted in clashes between Copts and the army killed dozens of protesters, and wounding hundreds.

To say access to the ideal state after overthrowing regimes tyranny, injustice, tyranny, may not be correct and accurate word, there is a profound dilemmas can not be solved by changing the regime or even its institutions, including the problem of minorities.

Religious minorities have the privacy of being extended to a field of differences in the rituals and acts of worship and religious sites, and access to participate in the management of the state and its institutions. And here it turns to the question of citizenship, you have the citizenship rights of minorities if the majority unchanged?

This question may hinder the success of most of the Arab revolutions in fact change, because change has to do with the culture of society in general. Here, we have huge deposits on different, and the other, or the doctrine of the religion or nationality.

The idea of ​​a new concept of citizenship in the Arab-Islamic culture. Demanding in terms of worship of minorities to build places of worship in any place you choose, and the rituals practiced at any time, like other religions. This requirement is guaranteed by the law of contemporary human rights enacted by the United Nations for all peoples, it is not reasonable to allow an individual to practice religious rites and rituals, and build the role of worship and recite belonging, while hiding the truth about another individual living in the same country, pays his taxes to the State, and apply the laws , and served in its institutions, and contribute to scientific development and construction.

Copts demonstrations that took place recently, and confrontations with the army, was probably due to this point, especially given that the Copts participated in demonstrations Hosni Mubarak's regime change as well.

Emerged as movements of protest movements demanding minority rights historically silenced, unlike Salafi groups that have emerged in some countries of the revolution and is seeking to withhold rights from others because of their vision of society and the Salafist revolution and public freedoms. Salafism is trying to return the community and public freedoms to before the fall of the systems of oppression and injustice.

From here it is regressive movements, walking on the opposite space of the free world. The concept of citizenship with the correct justice, either the concept of the parish, the majority and the minority, also believes that most of the advances religious Vistaid past history found a gash in his squad in the Islamic theocracy that prevailed for centuries, and had a day of historical circumstances that produced it.

There is no nation better than others, says modern constitutions, there is no individual advantage to another because of nationality, religion and doctrine, and this is what seeking most of the minorities to apply, but its application is resisted severe intellectual contexts, and religious antique, you do not want to change the reality radically.

And the issue of solving the problem of minorities on the table firmly on most systems, the so-called Third World, could not overcome, and even in some countries caused the huge massacres, as in Sri Lanka and Cyrilaon, Iraq, Sudan and many other non-industrial countries.

European experience in this area greatly help to overcome the crisis of minorities, by writing the Constitution of a neutral, deals with individual citizens have the same rights, and within that the law of civil marriage. As well as freedom of belief and worship, and to ensure access to the highest positions of all citizens without regard to their background and religious sectarianism and nationalism.

And above all to prevent a legal firm to incite racial, or making light of the tenets of others, with a wide margin of criticism, research, and accountability of the axioms in the collective mind, as long as the human experience, over thousands of years, is a republication of all. To say that the problem of minorities and migrant emergency to us from the colonial space, or from modern civilization to say does not count, and postpone the tragedy without being negated.

As this problem is inherent in the structure of reality since the foundation of our modern. Unresolved throughout the eras of the past, It is time to ponder, and discuss, and develop effective treatments have, not to return our societies at every turn to zero.

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