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Baghdad is seeking to increase the amount of compensation to the martyrs of five million dinars

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Baghdad is seeking to increase the amount of compensation to the martyrs of five million dinars


Begin taking transactions for compensation for material damage of terrorist attacks
Baghdad - and Wafaa Amer
raised Baghdad draft amendments to the Law No. 20 of the victims of terrorism to the Commission on Human Rights in Parliament, while directed to the administrative units of receipt transactions of property affected by the furniture and the wheels.

The First Deputy Governor Baghdad, Dr. Mohammed al-Shammari told the "morning" that the law No. 20 of 2009 on compensation for victims of terrorism and military operations characterized by highly centralized and contains a lot of gaps, attributing the cause of the failure to involve the provinces in the committees that drafted.

He announced that the province lifted to the Commission human rights, parliamentary draft amendment to the law include raising the amount to five million dinars, instead of three million and 750 thousand dinars, and to reconsider the subject of pensions and settled with the martyrs of the victims of the previous dictatorial regime, indicating that the minimum salary of the martyr of the victims of terrorism and of 375 thousand dinars, while receiving people with martyr of the victims of the dictatorial regime of $ 500 thousand dinars., as reported by the Deputy Governor that the law was passed granting a piece of land to martyr if he does not have a piece of land or housing units, adding that the province called for within the proposed amendments granting martyr piece of land a benefit regardless of whether it owns real estate or not, in addition to granting martyr right to dispose of the land as well as the granting of cash instead of land for those who wish so, owing to the large numbers of beneficiaries, as opposed to lack of residential land in Baghdad.

He called on al-Shammari, the retirement to prepare for the completion of the transactions for calculating pensions for covered by the law, noting that the Act provided for the allocation of pensions to the families of the martyrs, as well as obtaining the percentage of total or partial disability based on a report issued by the medical committees of competent jurisdiction, noting that maintaining the process of removing the names included on a CD-ROM to the body, showing the the same time prepared the province to provide assistance to complete transactions pension as soon as possible.

At the same time, he said Shammari that the province continues to raise the transactions covered by the law to the Department of National Security in the form of payments that includes all of which 250 treatment, pointing out that there are more than a thousand transaction with National Security under study and scrutiny in preparation for the inclusion of their owners compensation.

On the other hand, revealed deputy maintain for the province and recently directed and administrative units to begin receipt transactions movable property of the furniture and the wheels hit the start and mentioning it, as it will soon be receiving instructions to the sub-committees in the province especially in this compensation.

He that the possibility of citizens affected their property due to acts of terrorism and military review of these units to deliver their transactions, explaining that the compensation amounts will determine the adoption of the reports of the committees that will examine the extent of the damage after confirmation of securities investigative and their conformity to exist in reality, while stressing that the priority will be for hundreds of transactions, the old, received by the province Since the years 2008 and 2009 which were pending issuance of the law and instructions. He noted that the central committees began the process of check transactions with a view to submitting them to the old Sub-Committee in the province and then to national security to start firing for compensation payments.

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