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Advisor to the Prime Minister: Our priority is to support the productive and service sectors

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Advisor to the Prime Minister: Our priority is to support the productive and service sectors

Economical 2023/07/18
Baghdad: Hussein Thagheb Al-Tamimi,

Advisor to the Prime Minister for Investment Affairs, Muhammad Al-Najjar, said:

The government is serious about supporting the productive and service sectors, in a way that leads to reviving the qualitative national product and returning it to the local markets, while specialists believe that the local economy needs advanced technology.  Al-Najjar told "Al-Sabah":

"The country is able to advance the reality of production and services through the adoption of advanced technology," pointing out that

"Iraq can rotate the wheel of industrial and agricultural production through which the country's wealth can be maximized, and

a capital cycle inside the country that would Work to expand the circle of work, by investing the financial revenues in new projects that will achieve great benefit to the national economy.

Industrial affairs expert Abdul Hassan Al-Shammari pointed out that

"the transfer of advanced technology from its sources to Iraq needs legal procedures that contribute to the smooth entry of production lines, laboratories and equipment that contribute to activating the industrial sector in a phased manner," pointing out that

"the country has to start from where it left off." The world, and

it requires the adoption of advanced devices and equipment to achieve economic growth and reduce the gap between Iraq and the developed world.

In an interview with Al-Sabah, he said:   He pointed out that

"the developed global effort began to view the Iraqi work arena as the most important among the countries of the world, due to the presence of a large volume of work in a country that possesses a large amount of wealth, and

this is a great incentive for most international companies,

especially that the Iraqi markets accept the new that occurs on the global arena, and that

Our country possesses the elements of industrial development in terms of raw materials and a wide and growing consumer market.

A member of the Iraqi Businessmen Union, Ahmed Meklef, pointed out that

"benefiting from the experiences of countries must represent the focus of the next performance, as

it requires standing on the requirements of transferring advanced technology and making it the starting point for a new stage that changes the reality of the national economy for a better stage," and stressed

"the inevitability of working on Providing an environment that attracts foreign capital and serves the local economy,

especially since the elements for investment advancement are available in the country, foremost of which is Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and its amendments.  He stressed that

"the transfer of advanced technology must represent the most important requirements for the next stage, and that

preparation for this stage takes place in coordination with the developed global investment effort,

especially since the country's companies and factories need a serious stand by the concerned authorities, because most of the available lines were established several decades ago and have gone out." about the scope of service.

And the expert in commercial affairs, Muhammad Zboun, had indicated that

"the local market has begun to receive the new that the global industry is witnessing in more than one detail, and

most international companies want to be present in the Iraqi market directly without an intermediary, and

this is an important element that helps supply advanced technology."  And he indicated that

"the issue of technology transfer is important for the advancement of the joints of the economy because we have been away from the world for a long time, and

for this you find international companies, especially those that were dealing with Iraq, keen to enter the local market."  He pointed out that

"the local economy needs advanced technology and work to supply it or enter into partnerships with international companies that can transfer technology to the country."

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