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How many years does an Iraqi need to own a million dollars?!

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How many years does an Iraqi need to own a million dollars?!

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Basil Abbas Khudair

                                Books / d. Basil Abbas Khudair

One million dollars in Iraq is equivalent to one billion and 320 million dinars, according to the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Iraq on February 7, 2023, which the markets have not adhered to until today, and

although money is a source of attraction for many people, we did not and will not know how many Iraqis would like to one day own a million dollars, and

regardless of the number of those wishing, the (Picodi) financial platform prepared a study according to which it estimated the number of years it would take for an individual in various countries of the world to collect a million dollars, and

(Picodi) is a smart online shopping platform designed to help shoppers around the world, and analysts

The platform conducted the study in several countries based on the average monthly salary in each country. The study included countries from different continents, numbering 102 countries, including Iraq.

The platform’s analysts prepared an arrangement (classification) for the countries included in the study based on the average monthly salary in each country, and

According to the data available to the experts of the organization, Iraq ranked 45 (globally) among The 102 countries of the world included in the study (after excluding a number of countries such as Sudan, Syria, Palestine, etc.), and

according to the calculations made, the Iraqi individual needs 154 years and a month to collect only one million dollars, and

the first five countries that topped the classification in the ability of their members to collect a million in terms of Number of years

(1. Switzerland: 14 years and 3 months
2. Singapore: 16 years and 11 months
3. Luxembourg: 17 years and 4 months
4. The United States: 19 years and 10 months
5. Iceland: 20 years and 11 months),

as for the last five countries In the classification, it was
(1. Pakistan: 621 years and 3 months
2. Egypt: 603 years and 6 months
3. Uganda: 523 and 3 months
4. Nigeria: 519 and 1 month
5. Nepal: 420 and 9 months), and

the Arab countries that occupied the five advanced ranks In the Arab world, all of them are from the Arab Gulf states, which are

(1. Qatar: 21 years and 3 months
2. UAE: 23 years and 9 months
3. Sultanate of Oman: 38 years and 6 months
4. Kuwait: 41 years and two months
5. Saudi Arabia:41 years and 10 months).

We mentioned them and others. They really cannot collect a million dollars, not in 154 years and a , but even in a million years, because their incomes are much less than the subsistence limits and cannot be saved, so from where do they collect a million dollars in 154 years?

They are among the groups most vulnerable to declining life expectancy due to lack of health services, poor nutrition, water quality, inadequate housing, lack of luxury, and living in poverty.

The aspect that this study neglected relates to what is circulated locally and has become known by many, with the existence of large numbers of Iraqis, not only of double salaries,

but of those who receive monthly salaries between 2-17 or more, and they are in large numbers,

some with official covers due to the existence of legislation that permits collection Between more than one salary and privilege or through circumvention of contexts, forgery, forgery and other means that are difficult to monitor because of the covers that are used to protect them from misleading, and

we point out in this regard that most of the statistics in the country are estimated and not accurate, as Iraq has not conducted an actual census of the population since 1997, and

the state lacks accurate and reliable information, and most of them are in the process of numbers, and the rolling number of the number of employees has not been completed because the previous government started an early project to count the number of employees, and

according to what is announced, the percentage of its completion has not ended even if it has reached advanced stages, and there is also a case From the discrepancy between the nominal salary and allowances Incentives and privileges, not to mention the lack of fairness between the salaries of employees with the same degree, length of service, and specialization.

Therefore, the state has been seeking for years to find a fair scale for salaries,

but it is a topic that is postponed and carried over from year to year and is still in the process of preparation, and

as a matter of honesty, we say to that platform or others that are specialized in studies and arrangement. Classification and then comparisons, that

our country is not only poor, according to the International Monetary Fund report, as it placed us within the global and first Arab sequence in terms of GDP growth for the year 2022, and that

there are individuals who succeeded in collecting a million dollars or more, not in 154 years, but in days, and we do not believe that they were included in the classification To improve our national figure in the period of formation of one million dollars.

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