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Civil Status: The electronic passport is a quantum leap and will make progress in the global ranking

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Civil Status: The electronic passport is a quantum leap and will make progress in the global ranking

local    Today, 20:35
Baghdad - Ina - Karrar Khalil

Today, Wednesday,
the Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residence detailed the advantages of the electronic passport, and while it specified a single condition for obtaining it, it clarified the application mechanism.

The Director General of Civil Status, Passports and Residence, Riyad Jundi Al-Kaabi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA):

"The electronic passport system has been opened in the Mansour Passports Department, and it will be opened successively in the departments of Baghdad and the provinces, and in the second stage, the electronic passport system will be available outside Iraq.".  Al-Kaabi explained,

"The electronic passport was issued in accordance with the instructions and standards of the World Aviation Organization," indicating that

"it contains great security features, and the information sheet differs from the previous passport, in addition to the electronic chip in the passport, which includes information about the citizen and is read directly."  He pointed out that

"several meetings were held with the aim of facilitating the procedures for the citizen wishing to obtain the electronic passport," pointing out that

"the application mechanism includes the citizen opening the website via the mobile device, filling out a form, and then receiving a text message containing a number, after which he goes to the department with him." National card".

He called on citizens who find it difficult to open the form to go to the department directly with the national card, and the employees undertake the task, stressing that

the condition for granting the e-passport is that the citizen possesses a national card, as through the card reader, the information is transferred directly to the passport system and the validity of the data is verified. citizen". confirmed, that  He added,

"The electronic passport is a qualitative leap and it is hoped that it will make progress in the global classification because of the reliable and accurate information it contains, and it can be adopted as an official document registered with the International ICAO Organization."

For his part, Major Qaisar Sadiq told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

"the electronic passport is a quantum leap in the field of document issuance, because it possesses high security and technical specifications that will facilitate citizens' obtaining features of movement in airports of different countries of the world, as it carries an electronic chip that contains data."

The citizen, vital identifiers and its encryption code, and this code is defined in all airports in the world under the umbrella of ICAO, and thus will facilitate the entry and exit of citizens from airports without problems or delays.

Yesterday, Monday, the Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani, opened the electronic passport window.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA):

"The Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia' al-Sudani, opened the electronic passport window, followed the steps and mechanisms of issuance in all its details, and also supervised the issuance of the first electronic passport copy in Iraq."  

The Prime Minister appreciated, according to the statement, "the efforts of workers in the Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residence at the Ministry of Interior, to launch the third generation of the new Iraqi electronic passport, which is characterized by high-level technical specifications, and is approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)."  He pointed out,

"The new electronic passport will contribute to shortening about 85% of paper and administrative procedures, and it will be issued to citizens within one day."  

The Prime Minister urged citizens "not to use commentators, as they have no place in this new version," noting that

"the government is continuing to take effective measures to simplify procedures for citizens in various fields."

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