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After the second largest theft in the country's history, an invitation to establish a court for the history of oil in modern Iraq

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After the second largest theft in the country's history, an invitation to establish a court for the history of oil in modern Iraq

MONDAY, 10-17-2022, AM 1:27 KARAR AL ASADI 164
Written by: Emad Abdel Latif Salem

On the occasion of the discovery of the second largest theft in the modern history of Iraq, worth 3.7 trillion dinars (2.5 billion dollars) from the trust account of the General Authority for Taxation in the Rafidain Bank..

A call for the establishment of a court for the history of oil.. in modern Iraq

Some dreams are very simple and achievable, for example: establishing a court for the history of oil in modern Iraq.

A court in whose cages we put, and through which we prosecute, all political systems, and all “personal” and societal entities - “material” and “moral”, which have successively controlled oil rents, and the management of oil revenues, so that they are held accountable and accountable for every penny and cent for every cent. By spending it from it.. since the first drop of oil flowed over the soil of Iraq (in 1927) and until this moment.

Establishing a court for the history of oil in modern Iraq..not here..but in other countries that respect themselves, and respect such issues, topics, and preoccupations.

A court that completes its investigation papers. It is not politicians who are thieves, nor cult kings, nor war merchants, nor intrusive “contractors” at the tables of these mean people..

Rather, professional researchers and those interested in this matter..believe that this case is part of their personal concern and their knowledge function. Their academic effort, and their noble fatigue, are free from any ambiguous goal, utilitarian goal, or serving interests.

The "criminals" against Iraq are not only those who committed war crimes, genocides, or crimes against humanity... but those who used oil rents to produce (and reproduce) tyrants, thieves and murderers. Those who have indulged our money and our blood, violated our dignity, waste our land and our resources, and squandered a hundred years of development, prosperity and civilisation.

These are the ones who should be put in "cages" and retroactively charged.

It concerns the long-term ruin that does not fall with the passage of time, nor is it forgotten complicity with those who squandered the chances of a dream of a better life, in this country full of bounties, capabilities and talents.

All the roots of our present ruin have been watered and nurtured by reckless government spending that lacks efficiency, discipline, and sound economic calculation.

The "archive" of public spending (for every penny, cent, fils, dinar, pound and dollar) of Iraq's "lavish" budgets... has not been destroyed or gone away yet.

As for what gives “immunity” from accountability and prevents going to the courts, it is the realization of those who committed wasteful crimes that no one has the courage now to turn over books, restrictions, accounts, and pains, in this oppressed, overwhelmed country.

Thus, these "novice" thieves left everything as they were, because they did not know that the "financial data" had an unbreakable memory and an unbreakable cipher.

By deluding us that they are "strong"... Legions of villains took turns to "plunder" us in the successive, rapid, and short-lived stages of our decline. Thus, the names, systems, and creeds differed, while the determination of our fate remained subject to the most dark, oppressive, and backward forces in this world.

And when the pleading ends, the pens are lifted, the Qur’an dries up, and the years of embers have cooled, perhaps we will have set our feet on the right path towards achieving some measure of justice for the victims... and some just retribution for those who became (inadvertently) our guardians for a century of death. Darkness and absurdity.

When the pleading is over, we will read their names one by one.

Some of them..we will restore their esteem..and commend what they have done and accomplished..and correct the inequities of history and the injustices of false facts.

And some of them..we will disgrace them..by all possible means.

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