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The two regimes, the Saddamist and the current ones, are equal in corruption and theft of the people

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The two regimes, the Saddamist and the current ones, are equal in corruption and theft of the people

private files ,   2022/08/26 23:59, the number of readings: 1227
Baghdad - Iraq today:
Fahim Issa Al-Saleem

The (regulation of corruption) in Iraq began many years before the fall of the previous regime, perhaps the end of the seventies and the beginning of the slide of the Iraqi dinar.

In only ten years (1980-1991) the Iraqi dinar lost 90% of its value without a corresponding increase in the purchasing power of the employee and retired citizen, and

most of the class shifted Central to poor, and the pillars of Iraqi society lost their personality and dignity and were forced to either beg of all kinds or take the wrong way.

Bribery operations spread widely.

The process of public theft of the State of Kuwait carried out by the state and the ruling party and the spread of its sale in all of Iraq amounted to a process of legitimizing theft.

The dangerous slide in the value of the currency and the downturn of the economy in the following five years, 1991-1996, which were the years of the siege, was a crushing blow, as

the value of the dinar fell. 1000 times during the period from three dinars to the dollar to three thousand to the dollar, and thus

the Iraqi people lost all their wealth and all their savings

while the ruling class of the rank of general manager and member of the division and above and the senior officers of the army, security and intelligence enjoy gifts, cars and everything and the mass migration increased the pain as it delivered Families are left with smugglers.

We have come to change the Baathist regime and we are fully prepared to slip into a worse situation under the Western umbrella, with the blessing of all of Iraq's neighbors,

as you can see today that the Iraqi dinar is still today 5,000 times less than its original value in 1980 and 500 times less than its value in 1991.

The Baath state seemed cohesive from the outside because of an organized dictatorship that affected everything and anything,

but it was permeated with inherent corruption, the almost complete collapse of its economic and human structures, and the exodus of millions of Iraqis who are the butter of the Iraqi people.

Linked to parties outside the borders, it has established large organizations and networks for looting and legitimized the theft of public money, and of course

helped by banking chaos, as dozens of private banks were established, and the currency auction was the central bank, the main financier of corruption deals, in addition to the well-known suspicions of government banks.

As for the judiciary, it was never spared from organized corruption, as judges from the wombs of parties and militias were bred and bred.

They climbed the pyramid of judicial power and consolidated their control today over most of the joints of the Federal Court, the Supreme Judicial Council and the major courts.

Be confident that the conflict between the two Shiite currents and the conflict between the two Kurdish currents, the conflict between the Sunnis, the conflict within the parliament and its committees, the prosecution, and judicial sparring have nothing to do with your homeland, Iraq, its interests, hunger, thirst and loss of electricity.

The battle over how to divide the four hundred million dollars that enters Iraq daily, and the best way to loot it is the cooperation between the oil companies and the shares of Iran, Turkey, Jordan and the West from it. Who will be the Savior?

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