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Al-Kazemi: Our decision in this government was not to get involved in Iraqi blood

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Al-Kazemi: Our decision in this government was not to get involved in Iraqi blood

Tuesday, 16 August 2022 4:51 PM
Baghdad / National News Center

Today, Tuesday,
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed that he will announce tomorrow an Iraqi national dialogue for all the country's leaders,

pointing out that the political blockage was reflected in the formation of the government.

Al-Kazemi said in his speech during the regular session of the Council of Ministers, transmitted by his media office and received by the National News Center:

Unfortunately, we are still living through political challenges and political obstruction and its repercussions on the government's performance.

The government is not a party to the political conflict,

but there are those who are trying to hold it responsible for this crisis and to escape from the problem, and to turn all problems towards the government.  He added that

our crisis is not the only one in this world,

there are many experiences that have passed close to ours, and they may be more complex,

but by using wisdom and wise leaders they succeeded in crossing that stage,

and some of these countries turned into successful experiences.

"Singapore, for example, was a model of a failed state, and we see it today turning into one of the most important countries in the world," he said.

In Rwanda in Africa, there was a civil war and massacres, but today it has turned into an important country in Africa.

It is unreasonable in Iraq, the founding country of human civilization with an age of nearly 6 thousand years,

and we are still dealing with problems in a way that breaks the wills.  He pointed out that

"wisdom and loyalty to this country is required, as it has given us a lot, and

history has given us and a lot of which we are proud and proud, and

we must return part of this beauty to our country, our homeland and our people."

This poor people who have long been subjected to mismanagement, destitution and destructive wars.  
Al-Kazemi explained,

Our decision in this government was not to get involved in Iraqi blood, neither today nor tomorrow.

Iraqi blood is precious, and problems must be solved through dialogue and then dialogue, and

that is why tomorrow I will call for an Iraqi national dialogue for all the leaders of the country;

In order to contribute to finding a solution, and to think about solving this issue.”  He continued

my message to my fellow country leaders:

Everything is fleeting, and history is the judge.

We must rise to the challenge.

Sacrifice for the sake of Iraq is not an element of weakness but an element of strength, and

some do not imagine when he makes a concession to his brother as if he is in a position of weakness.”

This is a mistake; Compromise is a real strength, and I wish everyone to be patient and courageous;

Until we cross this stage and be able to build our country, despite the absence of a budget for two years, things are going right.  And Al-Kazemi indicated that

"a government cannot live without a budget, two years have passed without a budget,

but we have run the country, so the chance of success is possible if we join hands and deal with the spirit of one teamwork and the spirit of belonging to Iraq."  He stressed that

"this government came in exceptional circumstances and succeeded in overcoming all challenges, but

it is unfortunate that the government is close to 28 months old, and until this moment the budget has only been available for six months."  He continued,

"People are asking and asking for everything, which is their right.

People have the right to ask for paved streets, water, schools and health care,

but all of this must have a budget; For the government to do its part.”  He concluded his speech,

“The political blockage was reflected in the formation of the government and the absence of a budget, and

we accepted all challenges and tried to overcome them, and

we always faced accusations, slander and injustice with silence for the sake of Iraq, and for our people who deserve a better life than what they are currently living.”

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