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Integrity Committee: We have a minister without a certificate and will soon unveil corruption of files On: Friday 09/12/2011 19:23

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Baghdad: Naseer Ahmed

Back Member of the Parliamentary Integrity seven ranks of Iraq's progress in the classification of Transparency International, the progress, but it will without ambition citing the continued widening of the manifestations of corruption in the Iraqi state to mishandling by the government.
New Zealand recorded the lowest rate of corruption, as it came first in the world, and in a report by Transparency International for corruption indicators for 2011 in 183 countries in the world, followed by Denmark and the Scandinavian countries and Singapore. As for Iraq, and he came in ranked 175.

Adopts the report of Transparency International surveys and questionnaires and surveys conducted by the views of the Organization in business and free trade in addition to its dependence on specialized studies in the analysis of the risks that might hinder the business sector inside and outside the countries concerned.

And types of corruption, including bribery and exploitation of power and abuse of office, nepotism and discrimination between people and cronyism and clientelism, extortion and tax evasion. And many countries suffer from this scourge that is not related to the strength of the state and its power, but the solutions that follow to end the phenomenon.

The deputy director of Transparency International Miklos Marshall in statements to the media "We all saw pictures Arab spring in Tunisia and Egypt and Tyre vegetables vendor who burned himself out of despair because of corruption. When there is no change in the position occupied by the States on the list, people lose their patience."

Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq commented on the report of the Organization "that corruption is one of the legacies of the former regime, but said also that the government was able to impose its control as of 2009 has reduced many of the practices of corruption. This coincided, he said, with the direction security and political conditions around stability in general. She said that the deployment of corruption concerns among international companies and made them reluctant to enter the Iraqi market. "

The United Nations has estimated the volume of public funds being plundered because of corruption, embezzlement, political systems in the world more than a trillion and a half trillion dollars annually, money that is usually turned to personal accounts or deposits of secret overseas.
The United States ranked 24 and Turkey is ranked 61 and China ranked 75 and Iran is ranked 120 and Russia ranked 143 and 175 of Iraq, a total of 183 countries.
Member of the Parliamentary Integrity Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri counted in an interview (Citizen), Iraq's progress seven ranks of a good thing, and our ambition for the better, but he returned and that the organization take into account the fact that Iraq suffers from extraordinary situations, and institutions of the state suffering and chaos caused by the parties in control of the authority concerned with building parties are represented at the expense of building.
The government today give the job is not on the basis of professional, but its proximity to the party, also suffer from loyalties, and the Minister, if spoiled his ministry, it means that either minister is corrupt or failed, it failed for lack of ability to combat corruption or corrupt Fathdh consistent with the staff to get rates projects and real estate are recorded in his name in this country or that.
He Jubouri that the Integrity Commission has how many questions on the performance of many ministers have started to talk now about deals and great corruption accused by some of them, our body does not favor one, and Ouseltna files corruption of senior officials in the State relating to the assignment of projects to companies affiliated to his party and others.
And on the presence of red lines on the biting Minister being leaders in their respective Groups, and here's deputy Unfortunately the Iraqi parties are pushed its members to take up ministerial posts, and disregarded the political will stay political where to place it and forget it in a position to dictate it repudiated Hzpeth for the benefit of his country as a whole, in contrast to our competencies able to run the state properly but are excluded.
He continued to have ministries and ministers are far from their area of ​​work in the ministry we have a lawyer and Minister of Agriculture, Minister of industry specialization in Political Science and the Minister without a certificate, the situation is shameful, and blocks impaired and let down the Iraqi people, and dedicated sectarian and partisan.
And ensure that no corruption on the Integrity Commission on the fight against corruption? Jubouri said that this body acted without law, and we were able to approve it and implicitly ARTISTS Astqlaalah chairman and his deputies provided they do not belong to any party or bring them closer, and selection through parliament, and the right of any citizen candidate who meets the conditions. "
Economic expert academic benefit Aldoara said for his part, "The fight against corruption, despite the adoption of government campaigns against corruption, but it will remain unless the application programs and mechanisms that can reduce them and then end it in the long run, The system is government in Iraq is still dependent on the methods routinely encourages corruption, and has recently been adoption of several laws or instructions regarding assignments and mechanisms of exchange of projects and contracts the way, this will be the beginning may be followed by other steps. "
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Thank you.

Russell from Oz


Theres our holdup in my opinion... the government is basically inept, corrupt and totally lacking in any idea of how to run a country.

About 30 years under a corrupt didtator followed by 5 or 6 years under military rule (probably fairly corrupt also) has left Iraq without anybody with any experince in how to run a country in these modern times.

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