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(Citizen), published the text of the article translated to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which was published in the Washington Post reported on Monday the so- On: Friday 09/12/2011 22:23

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Citizen - the follow-up
Translation / Muhannad heavenly.

Wrote Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister's article entitled "Building a stable Iraq," published in The Washington Post, United States on Monday 05/12/2011, the most beautiful, very clearly, his vision of the new Iraq after U.S. withdrawal, lost in doubts, raised by some political forces and purposes known , the ability of the Iraqi government to run the country and control the security

Dealt with Mr. Maliki in this article, which drew the outline of the political Iraqi, to Iraq's relationship with the United States of America in the future and the prospects for its development and ways of cooperation between them in various levels that exceed the military aspects. And exposed to the problems facing the political process in Iraq Kalkhlavat between the political blocs and the risk of system Baathist regime, and the intervention of neighboring countries in Iraq, in addition to the issue of Camp Ashraf and the Arab revolutions spring and can produce them.

Acknowledges Mr. Prime Minister, at the beginning of his article, the stage of historical mission through which Iraq says, "that Iraq today stands on the threshold of the junction is important in the Iraqi-US relations, has contributed to the great sacrifices made by the Iraqi people and the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the establishment of a democratic society and free ".

He says al-Maliki, "and while you leave U.S. forces under the Convention on the withdrawal of troops in 2008 we started a new chapter based, as President Obama, on the basis of common interests and mutual respect, decision to implement the Convention came after he held talks respects fully the sovereignty and political decision for both sides."

After the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq to find al-Maliki that it is necessary to "establish strong relations between both countries," it is "vital", and these relations should go beyond the military aspect and also confirmed al-Maliki by saying, "We have to concentrate in the coming months to develop relations in the economic In addition to development in the fields of culture, education and science. "

And start-Maliki mention anecdotal evidence from the government for low-income indicates that the government had "built more than a million housing units for families of limited income," but is looking forward "to see the construction cranes on the horizon Baghdad High," which believes that the work and struggle to re-build, not less energy, determination and enthusiasm working to bring security.

In speaking of the construction, investment and rebuilding of Iraq stresses Maliki and all clear that it is "working to break down boundaries that hinder investment in order to be this vision a reality, and I work diligently with the investment to ensure the right of the foreign investor, in order to create a suitable environment to help on the investment. "

Then begins Maliki access of the problems and challenges facing the political process in Iraq and says, "while making efforts to develop Iraq's new democracy on the right track remain there challenges facing us, Valjdalat basic still surrounding the political process and the provinces that make up the Iraqi state, and I am a believer that these problems can be be resolved after the unification and expansion of the powers of the provinces with a commitment to the unity of Iraq, "though he refers to it in spite of that," the political process and the relationship between the various political parties continue to progress. "

And linking al-Maliki, as organic, solving the problems facing the political process and the development of Iraq's economy solution to these problems, "is of paramount importance in the development of Iraq's economy" and to indicate that he personally "to support the legislation sent to the House of Representatives, which will regulate the industry in proportion to national partnership and the equitable distribution of wealth .. we have held three rounds of bidding last year and we are preparing for the fourth. "

Mr. Maliki and renews the importance of working to stabilize Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces is an important issue, and also indicates, in both Iraq and the United States, as a believer, he says, "our security capabilities and the need to help the United States of America."

Then stand-Maliki on the most important forces that seek to destroy Iraq, and begins to conduct disgraceful to the Baath Party who "believes in coups and conspiracies" in the words of al-Maliki and the "trying to sabotage the political process in Iraq .. Not surprisingly, this .. this is the approach to the Baath and the habit since the beginning of its inception.

Then address the issue of arrests, which included many members of the Baath Party in the recent period and says "hundreds of Baathists accused have been arrested recently, some of them was released and others are awaiting trial and those detainees face appropriate action and fair treatment under Iraqi law," and then asserts something important had already confirmed more than once "that of the detainees from all parts of Iraq .. and I reject the diagnosis, which says that the arrest was based on a sectarian act of politically motivated" and adds "These steps have been taken to protect democracy in Iraq."

And talk-Maliki later in the article, the unique network of Iraq law by translating, for the external factor, which was considered its role in Iraq as negative, makes it clear to see in this aspect, saying that "Iraq is a sovereign country, and Ssayastna State based on the fact that we do not interfere in the affairs of other countries, at the Therefore, we reject foreign interference in Iraqi affairs, Iraq does not aim to influence any state but is looking forward to cooperate with all countries to assist in maintaining regional security, Iraq will not allow himself to be a nuisance to the friendly countries. "

After completion of the address to the enemies of Iraq of the Baath and the external forces with a negative role in it, do not forget Maliki traffic, especially the problem of Camp Ashraf, an issue with international dimensions should be dealt with intelligently and diplomatic, he emphasizes Maliki initially on two important issues:

First: that the residents of Camp Ashraf has caused a lot of controversy in Iraq and the United States of America.

The second is a clear desire has to solve this complex issue in a way, which was waiting for him to the international community, "a peaceful and assistance of the United Nations."

In return for this unforgettable Maliki to remind the reader that "the residents of the camp are classified as a terrorist organization by several countries and therefore have no legal basis for staying in Iraq, and no country will accept the existence of armed strangers on their own soil .. but we will work hard in order to find a peaceful solution to enhance the values universal human rights. "

To this effect has not been lost on the Arab spring article al-Maliki, a space has also taken them, especially since Iraq has suffered from the rule of tyrants for decades, so he said "Iraq rejected dictatorship and one-party government" .. He pointed out that "the events of Arab Spring this year has led to a lot of changes to the region ... and we hope that the work of those movements in bringing freedom and democracy to the millions who seek it and stabilize the region after that, and this concern is not just in our region but the entire world." .

And to you as soon as you choose hope, anything is possible, says Christopher Reeve, so did not forget the prime minister said planting hope and trust the Iraqi people and his ability to overcome adversity, makes it clear al-Maliki that Iraq "has suffered from deprivation terrible over the past decades past .. Today, on the other hand I'm confident with independent and my abilities and the steadfastness of our people, ".. and puts several rudiments by Iraq in the near future, a" re-development of comprehensive legislation and laws and building institutions and strengthening the promotion of freedom and democracy. "

In the face of growing concern over sectarian and put them in Iraq, Maliki reassures others by saying, "We seek to build a nation of citizens and communities is not a state, and we strive to provide a climate conducive to investment leads and provides vital services to citizens, including access to appropriate education."

Not lose sight of the recently re-Maliki of Iraq to recall the endeavor to maintain the security of his people, confirms renewed that "Iraq is seeking to build a strong army and security forces to have the ability to protect our sovereignty and our interests we are able to do so with the assistance the United States."
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I find myself expecting a lot from this meeting but we will not hear too much of what was discussed of course, just high level pomp. That said, I do believe much will be accomplished that we will find out later.


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