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Iraq's environment..Challenges and proposed solutions to address two main problems

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Iraq's environment..Challenges and proposed solutions to address two main problems

Investigations and Reports    12-05-2022, 11:22
Baghdad - INA - Fatima Rahma

The environment in Iraq faces several challenges, including climate change, as well as health, economic and social violations that require urgent action and solutions in this regard.

The head of the Doctors Syndicate, Jassem Al-Azzawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the environment in Iraq is facing unnatural problems and challenges that generally affected the person and his general and psychological health."

Challenges increased environmental pollution

. He explained, "Challenges to the environment have increased recently due to the remnants of war and mines in the land,

as well as the amount of pollution in the water, waste issues, overcrowding, and environmental, mental, audio and visual pollution."

He added, "The problem of air pollution is currently one of the most difficult problems facing the environment at the present time, and there are particles in it that are not suitable for human inhalation and greatly affect the respiratory system and

its accumulation may lead to chronic diseases for humans, and

there is a large percentage of cases that go to hospitals because of dust pollution in the air."

The environment is unlivable

for his part, the head of the Baghdad Cultural Councils, Sadiq al-Rubaie, confirmed to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

"the environment is facing many crises that have generally affected human health, making it unsuitable for human living, and they are diversified and distributed among all parts of the country."".

Most of the environmental problems are man-made,

and he explained, "More than 60 percent of these crises are man-made or government failure, as the neighboring countries, tens of kilometers from Iraq, are free of these crises."

He added, "The government is responsible for running ministries such as agriculture, environment and health in order to find solutions to these crises."

The Ambassador for International Peace and President of the Al-Rajaa Organization for the Protection of Human Rights, Raja Nasser Al-Moussawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

"the pollution of the environment continuously affects the health of the citizen, the health of agriculture and the functioning of state centers, as well as the social and economic damages caused by dust storms."

She explained that "other factors cause air pollution and negatively affect humans, including the presence of generators, the large number of cars and the presence of factories within cities," noting that

"the treatments proposed by civil society organizations are to plant a fence around the city of Baghdad, while the state must find solutions for informal housing from By compensating their owners, and thus solving the problems of squatter housing and the encroachments on the areas.”

Projects to bring about a change in the environment

In turn, the head of the Iraqi Agricultural Engineers Syndicate and the head of the Arab Consulting Engineers Union, Sadiq Jaafar, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that

"the lack of plans to advance the agricultural sector is one of the reasons for the great change in the environment,

in addition to the lack of real movement from government and official agencies to implement agricultural projects."

Investments surrounding desert areas, which in turn will lead to reducing erosion factors or using modern technologies in sand dunes and turning them into productive agricultural lands surrounded by dense vegetation, which serves as windbreaks and greatly stabilizes education.

Environmental pollution treatments

Regarding the proposed treatments, Jaafar called for “the preparation of real plans for the advancement of the agricultural sector, which will lead to a major change in preserving the environment and reduce the climatic changes that cause this huge amount of dust storms,

as well as the adoption of modern irrigation techniques,

and the utilization of groundwater wells.”

In addition to sewage water by diverting it and benefiting from it for irrigation and irrigation,

in addition to relying on Arab and foreign experiences who preceded Iraq in this field and benefiting from them in implementing these projects in desert areas and areas that suffer from major erosion factors.”

Water Quota Negotiations

The head of the Syndicate of Agricultural Engineers stressed, "The importance of using pressure papers with countries in order to release Iraq's water quota," pointing out that

"Iraq owns such papers, as there is a trade exchange with Iran and Turkey, and it is possible to benefit from this aspect in putting pressure on countries to release the fair water quota."

The issue requires a strong negotiator."

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