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4 million job opportunities awaiting graduates and the unemployed Topic 8 has been read times 08/12/2011

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Solve the crisis of unemployment through the National Development Plan
Baghdad Worley confident
growing daily number of graduates from colleges and institutes, which has widened sidewalk unemployment, which has absorbed too unskilled workers and school leavers.
preferably the majority of graduates (bachelor - Diploma) to work within their competence in government circles, as it is gives a better guarantee for their future position to own a unit, in addition to the advances and social status and career progression, but the government is not ready to receive the number of graduates in, so the boys taken a path to work in are not their specialty, whether in public or private sectors, while I sat females of them in their homes of labor between the kitchen and guest rooms, has an effect on them (both male and female) in the negative.
the government for its part is implementing the National Development Plan (2010-2014) to reach a competitive economy diversified assume by the private sector a leading position to provide four million jobs and the elimination of unemployment and investment human and natural resources effectively.
the impact of unemployment, negative
reflected leisure time spent unemployed negatively on the psyche and makes him feel that he is not a product, are obliged, because working in any field, even if he is not commensurate with his skills and his testimony.
Dr. Ali Anbure rights activist civil, social, beautiful effect of unemployment socially on young people, saying that "the phenomenon of unemployment have a negative impact on the behavior of young people in general because of the free time long they are trying to occupancy in a lot of things that may be useful, where to not be have the opportunity to invest the time a particular job can generate income- a certain. "
"The phenomenon of unemployment make young people think of illegal means of income-generating a certain amount paid in some cases to participate operations is socially acceptable."
He noted the infecting young unemployed cases of frustration and stay away from participating in social life, natural and may affect all These factors negatively in the process of any building community.
called Anbure the government to search for job opportunities can absorb these energies better than staying idle for it therefore affects young people in terms of their addiction to drugs and behavior is natural and indulge in the web which could adversely affect in this important segment of society, and the inability of a family and seek ways is nice to satisfy instincts.
The doctor in the psychiatric Dr. Saad Mahmoud Mahdi is considered that the existence of unemployment is a big disappointment for the psychological rights, Mayazz this frustration is the existence of job opportunities available to his peers and to enter monthly is reasonable because of the influence of his family, noting that such cases lead to the emergence of a state of frustration and behaviors explosive Kalasbah and aggressive behaviors.
and stresses that such cases are applicable to all graduates, whether from the initial studies or higher because, above all, this person is a human being, the did not get the chance it will result in the same behaviors which are used by any person, indicating that the certificate is to obtained by the individual is a qualified scientific, but can not be taught the ethics of the street.
explains Dr. Mahdi that the lack of employment opportunities for teenagers and the lack of reasonable income whereas the other sectors of the community acting prestigious or be its revenues large and their socio be at a good level, noting that the comparison put the young man in thwarting the economic or social as well as to the existence of free time Part of this time spent standing in front of girls' schools, markets or any place where there are lots and there are girls and does not have the direct or and stopped by this method from within the behavior of other young people use. graduates are lost looking for Muhammad Ahmad four years ago for work, whether in private or government department, even if away from the area of competence. Saleh, who bemoaned a lot after that the family average for admission to one of the sections, thought, after his graduation as he can not recruitment in government departments but also in the Department of Meteorological in the Ministry of Transport, who is suffering from the great abundance of its affiliates. and wished to return by age in order to pull of his determination to get on the rate of qualifies for entry in one of the colleges and departments prestigious through which to get a job easily and conveniently. Mona Nasser had confirmed that they were trapped in the house six years ago because it whenever provided for appointment in government departments do not see her name among the names of her fellow students admitted. and shows it more than once almost fall easy prey to the brokers who ask for money to meet the appointment of some people like it, but it stipulated that the last time that her name appears in the lists of appointments and then give the amount as much as a thousand dollars. asserts that it is expecting a last chance after he was able to get the form of Career Fair, held at the Baghdad International Fair last month to set in one of the departments of state or even the private sector although there are no guarantees for its staff. The Jabbar Hussein, who felt that the business of real estate brokerage post allowance, says he is now king himself was graduated two years before the College of Business and the economy and can that will benefit him competence in the area of his current work. He explains that real estate deal, one can come to him more than 50 thousand dollars can live in the best, with his family for a long time that the deal comes the other. and to indicate that he now lives in a good area and House owned with his family and has a good credit in the bank and has a luxury car, which does not need to be the official in charge of the work to upset the mood of the morning every day. industrial cities and MP Eng Ihsan al-Awadi, Member Services Committee and Construction Multi unemployed graduates Bcaúk and can not find solutions in a year or two years. and adds that the treatment must be through a legislation and a general trend of the state and that the next year budget included an increase in the number of small projects to run the largest possible number of unemployed graduates, pointing out that the need remains the largest due to the presence of hundreds of thousands of graduates, by contrast, there are fewer jobs much. He continues, Awadi "to stimulate the economy in general, can absorb the number of graduates increased annually," warning that the Commission services will pay towards the preparation of industrial cities in the provinces to absorb the graduates and skilled and unskilled. and how long can it take all of these plans shows the MP, there are accounts carried out by the Ministries of Planning, Finance, Labour and Social Affairs and the concerned authorities to do so since last year to increase the amounts allocated to the projects and I think it needs from 5 7 years to solve the problem of providing employment opportunities for graduates and others. a national policy for the operation of the Ministry of Planning said in a report low rate of unemployment by 11 percent compared indicators in 2008, while pursuing coordination with other authorities of a national policy for the operation contribute to absorb unemployment, especially college graduates. Planning Minister Ali Al-Shukri said that "the Ministry of Planning, Labour and Social Affairs Ttbakan now the program (the national policy for the operation), as will be the priority in which to run the college graduates as of competencies that can be adopted by the country in the future. " and that he has not yet determine how much will be the proportion of unskilled labor such as workers Alkhaddmyin and cleaners, guards, warning that it will be the inclusion of male and female graduates or others with this program. He said Shukri, that the ministry had prepared a National Development Plan (2010-2014), which will be through the provision of about 4 million jobs will be the priority in which the graduates, noting that he will be imprisoned jobs compatible with their abilities and their abilities, their testimony, and the plan aims to make Iraq a country active by working according to the mechanics the market and be a force of regional economic integrated and integrated world economy an embodiment of the principle of international partnership, and on this basis, the plan seeks to recruit Iraq's economic resources both human and natural resources effectively, leading to a competitive economy diversified assume the private sector a leading role in generating wealth and jobs, the Government exercises a regulatory role and enabling to cope with market failures and ensure a fair distribution of national income to enable the community groups most vulnerable to exercise their role effectively in achieving economic and social progress. spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology recently launched a survey knowledge network Iraq, which was implemented on the ground to collect socio-economic data of about 29 thousand families distributed among all provinces, including Kurdistan, confirming that the survey showed a decline in the unemployment rate by 11 percent from a showed results of a survey of employment and unemployment in 2008, noting that this percentage divided by 23% among young people, and 38 percent among young women. and the Hindawi said the device had carried out a survey on employment and unemployment during the year 2008, which was implemented in four classes according to the recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in the monitoring and diagnosis rates of employment and unemployment, where survey covered all governorates of Iraq The results showed that the unemployment rate among the population age (15 years and over) reached (15%) for both sexes. He adds that the unemployment rate among the male form of the time (14%) and females (19%), and also appeared that the largest rate of unemployment was in the category age (15-19 years) as it was (34%), and the lowest rate of unemployment was among those who hold the doctorate degree or higher, at about (3%), and the results showed in a timely manner and a decrease (12%) rates in 2006. increase GDP continued Hindawi, "said the National Development Plan 2010-2014 translates the strategic vision through increased domestic production (GDP) increased by 9.38 percent average annual growth during the plan period and the generation of between 3.54 million new jobs based on the proportions between the intensity of capital and labor that will be used the activities and projects adopted by the plan and diversify the Iraqi economy through achieving gradual increases in the proportion of the contribution of other sectors in the GDP and in particular sectors of agricultural and industrial productivity, as well as tourism, which is characterized by the presence of potential competitive for it or some of its activities in the Iraqi economy, in addition to being one of the sectors which plays a private economic activity historic role, and can enhance this role in the future, both in the generation of GDP or employment opportunities that can be generated, and strengthening the role of the private sector domestic and foreign, both in terms of the volume of investment is expected within the country and that its plan is around 46 percent, or in terms of jobs expected to develop, as it has expanded the plan to expand and diversify the activities in which the private sector to invest in particular projects integrated agricultural developing the plant and animal production, fisheries, tourism of various kinds, manufacturing and private comparative advantage in Iraq, and sectors of passenger and cargo transport, communications and administration ports and airports in addition to the call to enhance the contribution of the private sector in the fields of education, education, health and housing, has called the plan to be the state's role in housing enabler to encourage the household sector and private investment in housing with the need to continue the State's responsibility to secure accommodation for groups of fragile. " He continues, to achieve these goals The plan estimated the investment required secured about 218 trillion dinars, the equivalent of $ 186 billion during the five-year plan, financed by $ 100 billion of which the federal budget on the basis of the rate of 30 percent annually of the total federal budget, to be funded by the $ 86 billion from other private sector domestic and foreign so that the contribution of public and private sector 53.7 percent and 46.3 percent respectively, and the distribution of investment priorities to give the oil and electricity sectors the priority of an advanced, considering that oil is the main donor of financial resources for sustainable development, at least in the medium term, and the electricity sector as a structure anchor essential to achieve any Development and evolution in the production and service sectors as well as for the welfare of the population. He goes Hindawi had been giving high priority to agriculture, transport and communications as agriculture, an important source and with a promising potential to contribute to the diversification of the economy and ensuring food security of the country, as well as its role in generating employment opportunities to contribute actively to the reduction levels of unemployment, poverty and the stability of the productive workforce in the countryside, and the lack of migration to urban areas and Mzahmtha services already scarce in cities, noting that he was giving the transport and communications sector priority as the structure of anchor job with the intricacies and career high with other sectors.

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