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The Ministry of Electricity: We intend to deliver energy production to 35,000 megawatts within 3 years

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The Ministry of Electricity: We intend to deliver energy production to 35,000 megawatts within 3 years

power station in Iraq. "Internet"
Economy News - Baghdad

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, confirmed that Iraq can provide electric power around the clock within three years, pointing out that the government has raised the price of energy supplied in the country.

Karim said, in a statement reported by "Rudaw" network, and followed by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "we were able in a short period of time to reform the electricity system in Iraq in a way that is not easily damaged again, by taking some technical measures and raising the rate of power generation," adding:

"For the first time we were able to With a production of 21 thousand 141 megawatts, and we seek to increase production capacity in a short time."

The minister stated that there are some parties that are trying to disrupt the electricity system by targeting the network and the poles carrying electric energy, stressing that the ministry faced the problem immediately and overcame it.

Regarding the parties responsible for the attacks targeting the towers, Karim confirmed that "it is not yet clear who is behind these attacks, and none of them has been arrested, but the Prime Minister said in one of the National Security meetings that the security forces arrested one of the ISIS affiliates, and he admitted that they were planning To carry out attacks targeting electric towers and disrupting the country's electricity network, but they did not achieve their goal."

With regard to the sources of electric power in Iraq, the minister explained that there are power plants in the country that operate using gas produced in Iraq and another part imported from Iran, and other thermal steam-powered plants, and hydroelectric plants that have stopped due to water scarcity this year.

He continued: In the summer, we did not import not a single megawatt of energy from Iran, but 151 megawatts were imported from Turkey out of 25,141 megawatts, and the rest was produced locally.

Karim said that Iran was unable to export electricity to Iraq due to problems it faces in energy production, adding that the problem of Iranian debts owed by Iraq led to Iran reducing the amount of gas exported to the country, and this in turn led to a reduction in the electric power produced by 4500 megawatts, adding that Iraq did not record Any debts in favor of Iran this year, and all debts belong to the last year due to the problems of the general budget, pointing out that Iraq is about to pay it off.

The minister stated that the provision of electric energy varies from one governorate to another, as the governorates north of Baghdad are supplied by 12-14 hours, while energy is available in the governorates south of Baghdad from 16 to 24 hours, and the climatic situation plays a role in this.

Karim revealed the Iraqi government's efforts to bring the volume of electric power produced in the country to 35 thousand megawatts during the next three years in the medium term, and to increase the capacity produced by 5-7 megawatts during the next year, noting that Iraq today needs 35,000 megawatts to cover its need from Energy, and its need increases annually at the size of 1500 megawatts.

The Iraqi Minister of Electricity confirmed that electricity can be provided 24 hours a day during at least three years, indicating that the ministry has taken some steps to invest clean energy (solar) in electricity production.

Iraq will not depend entirely on gas imported from Iran and is working to secure multiple sources to provide it, and the "large" gas wealth in the Kurdistan Region can be exploited for energy production purposes, according to Karim.

With regard to the electricity situation in the Kurdistan Region, the Iraqi Minister of Electricity said that the problem of electricity in the region is not related to the lack of produced energy, and if financial dues are paid to investors, electricity can be provided in the Kurdistan Region 24 hours a day, noting that the privatization of the electrical sector and other sectors It can solve many problems.

The minister confirmed that there are more than one million cases of violations and abuses on the electric line network, and the government will raise the price of electricity in the country, because the state budget does not bear the costs of production and energy savings, stressing that the increase will occur gradually and will not affect the poor class much.

Karim touched on the rampant corruption in the country and that corruption has become a "disease" that ravages the body of the state, pointing to the arrest of several people in his ministry on charges of corruption and their expulsion from the ministry in cooperation with the Integrity Commission and the Audit Bureau, and said: "I cannot be certain that I ended the phenomenon in the ministry completely." However, it has significantly reduced corruption.

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