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Wasting Iraqi gas for how long?

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1Wasting Iraqi gas for how long? Empty Wasting Iraqi gas for how long? Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:29 pm



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Wasting Iraqi gas for how long?

Asaad Abdullah Abd Ali   194 2021-08-25
Assad Abdullah Abd Ali ||

You may be surprised, but it is the truth, as sober economic reports indicate that Iraq's gas reserves qualify it to be the fourth in the world,

but did you know that Iraqi gas is wasted on a daily basis, which is one of the manifestations of mismanagement of the state by the rotten political class,

and this waste occurs As a result of not exploiting the gas associated with oil refining operations!

This has been going on since 1927, when oil began flowing from the Baba Karkar field in Kirkuk, and it went wasted in the air without benefiting from it!

Do you believe, dear reader, that the financial losses incurred by Iraq as a result of burning gas are about $290,000 (minimum) per hour?!

Reports indicate that 70% of Iraqi gas is a distinct natural product with low costs, and it does not need drilling or exploration, but with this wonderful feature, but unfortunately it is wasted!

Statistics indicate that Iraq has a huge reserve of natural gas, amounting to more than 110 trillion cubic feet, but unfortunately gas waste operations continue, due to the lack of infrastructure, poor management and planning, and the inability of successive governments.

Economic reports indicate that Iraq wastes about 62 percent of its gas production, which is equivalent to 196,000 barrels of crude oil per day, and this is a huge financial waste, which is sufficient to build a completely new gas industry.

If Iraq stops the continuous waste operations, it will save approximately 5 billion and two hundred million dollars over the next four years, by reducing the percentage of wasted gas, and on the other hand providing self-sufficiency, for what the turbine electric power plants need from gas fuel, instead of importing large quantities daily From neighboring countries! Which exhausts the treasury annually in very large amounts.

Estimates of specialized economic institutions indicate that the amount of burned, wasted gas is sufficient to supply five million homes with electric power,

and this indicates the extent of corruption and failure of the political system brought by the election funds,

and this failed administration causes the waste of wealth,

which also affects a significant rise in unemployment., poverty, illiteracy, deterioration of services, and the decline of the health reality.

• The reasons for wasting gas

When searching for the reasons for this waste of gas wealth, we find many, the most important of which are:-

1- The high rate of gas flaring in Iraq is due to the increase in oil production.

2- It is due to the wars that the country witnessed during the past four decades, which led to the destruction of the associated gas investment facilities, which had begun to be built in the seventies of the last century.

3- The cause of burning associated natural gas is due to inaction, negligence and corruption.

4- Iraq has not adopted a real energy policy since 2003, especially since not all previous parliamentary sessions succeeded in approving the oil, gas and oil refineries laws.

5- The absence of an independent political decision, which makes Iraq shackled and compelled and forced to maintain the situation as it is.

• Finally we say:

We are waiting for the birth of a pure Iraqi political will, directed to stop the daily waste of gas wealth, put in place a sound energy policy, and fight the corrupt who seek to continue to humiliate and bind Iraq.

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