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Iraqis are waiting for the results of the New East Project in improving economic and service conditionsخدم

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Iraqis are waiting for the results of the New East Project in improving economic and service conditionsخدم

Baghdad/The Obelisk: Muhammad Wadhah wrote.. the tripartite agreement between each of the; (Iraq, Egypt and Jordan) held by the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, with regard to energy, inter-trade and investment, its features and mechanisms began to appear on the ground.

On July 12, the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Jordanian Chamber of Industry signed an agreement to establish the joint Iraqi-Jordanian Chamber of Industry to develop industrial and investment activities, transfer technology, develop services, and seek to establish an economic partnership between the two countries.

This came during the joint meeting that was held at the headquarters of the Iraqi Federation of Industries, in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Minerals Manhal Aziz Al-Khabbaz, the Jordanian Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Maha Ali, the accompanying Jordanian delegation from the public sector, the head and members of the Jordanian Chambers of Industry and Trade, the Jordanian ambassador to Iraq and the head of the members of the Iraqi Federation of Industries and Industrialists And Iraqi businessmen, where the paragraphs of the agreement were reviewed and discussed, the importance of the joint industrial chamber and the opportunities for cooperation between the Iraqi and Jordanian private sectors to reach real work and fruitful industrial partnerships.

The Al-Kazemi government’s continued implementation of all steps that contribute to the process of restoring the spirit of the local Iraqi product and reducing dependence on other products that have flooded the Iraqi market for many years, evidence of sincerity of intentions to put an end to the systematic process of passing the national industry in Iraq, and making it a consumer, not a producer. From the moment of April 9, 2003 until now.

This fact was revealed by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, Representative Ahmed Salim Al-Kinani, during his meeting with Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the day before yesterday, Thursday (current July 15, 2021).

Al-Kinani noted that "the meeting discussed the government's recent decision related to deducting investment licenses from lagging projects and determining whether the investor is lagging or not in accordance with the investment law."

The head of the Parliamentary Economy Committee pointed out that "there is a strong desire and will on the part of the Prime Minister to stimulate, support and activate the industrial sector and facilitate the task of this sector by transferring imported materials to locally manufactured," stressing that

"the government is determined to support the industrial sector by facilitating the granting of loans and easing Measures and other government decisions to support and revive this sector.

Al-Kinani pointed out that "the meeting with the Prime Minister touched on the importance of the private sector and its role in the next stage in increasing job opportunities in Iraq."

Al-Kinani said in a statement, "Today, we discussed with the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, a number of issues related to the Iraqi political and economic affairs, the most prominent of which are the problems and obstacles that the investor suffers from in the country," noting that

"the conversation focused with Al-Kazemi on solving the problems facing the investor from Through the development of appropriate solutions and the issuance of government decisions that would overcome obstacles to the work of investors in the country.

It is noteworthy that the tripartite cooperation agreement between (Iraq, Egypt and Jordan) or what is known as the “New East” was preceded by several steps and decisions calculated for the Iraqi government, which could contribute to strengthening and supporting the Iraqi national economy and the local product as imposing a customs fee of 50% of the unit Measuring the chicken product and all products mentioned in the sections of the customs item “2007” for all imported frozen broiler chickens for a period of four years without reduction, with the abolition of all customs exemptions, whether the private, public or mixed sectors or for any reason.

And imposing the additional customs rate on "the textbooks for the primary and secondary stages imported into Iraq from all countries and origins, 200%, and 85% on the natural potato product (chips) imported into Iraq."

Therefore, the recent decisions of the Iraqi Council of Ministers were important and supportive steps for the national economy if they were applied on the ground and if other additional steps in support of the Iraqi national economy were attached to them.

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