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The World Bank is innocent of them ..!

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1The World Bank is innocent of them ..! Empty The World Bank is innocent of them ..! Sun May 23, 2021 1:05 pm




The World Bank is innocent of them ..!

Mohammed Fakhry Al-Mawla  146 2021-05-21

Muhammad Fakhry Al-Mawla ||

The World Bank is the name that is referred to by everything that symbolizes the misfortune of the Iraqi people, and we blame them as citizens for what happens from government decisions that the citizen is harmed by, on the other side the government apparatus is supported by decision-making, and politicians are a tool for blessing or to pass what they want to pass, the invisible ghoul of the World Bank.

Today I am not in the role of criticism or evaluation and I am not against or against the defender Because I do not know to qualify for that

But to convey to you what I saw and heard and the matter to you, by the way, since 2004 I have attended and discussed, but really this conference is the most informative and informative.

We attended a conference six months before the decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar

The economic and financial future of Iraq is seen in the shadow of the financial deficit with proposed remedies for the financial and economic failures.

The fact that the honorable attendees and the lecturers elaborated in many, large and important details about the financial and economic future during the conference, due to the situation in which we live now.

We come to the representative of the World Bank who asked for permission to participate, repeat words that I just pass on to you, so that he knows a lot of the details.

Speak, gentlemen
After 2003 we have made a number of points that Iraq, with its new administration, must seriously consider.

Because it is in the process of establishing a new phase, and it will depend on these measures as basic steps for the future, especially with regard to the financial and economic policy.

Therefore, you should carefully focus on the points listed below:

First: The work of Iraqi banks must be stopped, and I especially mention the Rafidain and Rashid banks because they are the largest and most important reason because they work with banking systems that do not harmonize with the present and future of the financial, economic and commercial sectors, and accordingly we recommended the creation of a TBI bank for a period of one year only until the readiness of Iraqi banks

Second: The introduction of a currency auction for a short period to be a tool for working with the outside of countries and companies until the completion of a new system for Iraqi banks.

Third: reforms in the economic and commercial administrative system to create a suitable environment for work and manpower, and to be renewed after a period with more precise terms to end the excessive government employment and job slack.

Fourth: Develop plans to reduce the poverty line standard, the ration card, and the segments covered by it.

Fifth: Establishing new mechanisms with a new vision for e-government in all parts of the state.

Sixth: Utilizing soft loans to create a competitive environment and create new job opportunities with a new vision.

Seventh: Developing a vision to address the housing crisis with the support of the private sector in a wider and more effective manner

Eighth: Taking into account the social welfare system for the vulnerable classes through a unified salary scale while encouraging the private sector to go the same parallel line by enacting laws that support social security.

Ninth: There were demands from some quarters for endorsement and support for raising the exchange rate to 1500 dinars.

What is the response to the demand to raise the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is an internal issue that must be studied from several directions, including the unaffectedness of the poor and vulnerable classes and its impact on the poverty line

With the prices of basic materials being proven and not affected by the noticeable effect on the above slides,

If these points are fulfilled and for the actual need according to your vision, the matter can proceed, but we note that this matter needs scrutiny and follow-up

Tenth: Work to address the education, health and electricity sectors, as they are important and vital sectors according to a future vision and benefit from regional and international efforts.

If these points are fulfilled, Iraq can keep pace with the financial and economic development to deal with the general administrative system, which has not kept pace with development for quite some time.

In conclusion, the transition from a comprehensive, rigid system to a system that keeps pace with development is not an easy and easy task

Consider the obsolescence of the administrative system.

Conclusion :

All the decisions that happen and are approved now are the result of internal will and conviction for several reasons, not like what is claimed to be the product and demand of the World Bank.

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