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Electronic trade

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Electronic trade

Monday 04 January 2021 108
Yasser Al-Metwally

Whenever the bell rings, I find the delivery man, either driving a car or motorcycle, according to his order and the type of goods he brings.

For nearly a year, we have become accustomed to the method of delivery service (electronic shopping service), especially during the quarantine periods imposed by the Corona pandemic, and this service has saved us a lot of trouble.

This example is given to enter the world of digitization, the digital economy and electronic commerce, as the method that has spread in Baghdad and most cities and centers of the governorates is a serious beginning to enter the world of electronic commerce, and it is a service that is backward compared to what most countries of the world and the region have reached in the field of electronic commerce.

And talking about this topic is very interesting, so I decided to choose the humble home delivery service to move to the importance of the stages and the great development that has occurred in these services, which among its advantages is the investment of time in obtaining the basic possessions without fatigue or routine reviews and follow-up and shortening the time to benefit from it by fulfilling the requirements of permanence Life.

On the other hand, when you look at the economic feasibility of the delivery service in terms of cost, you also find it more useful in many of the services that the citizen needs.

This service has become very easy and accessible to everyone through electronic applications, which are designed by companies, markets, malls, restaurants and others by launching (packages) pages for displaying goods And services, needed by the individual and the family alike.

These are the beginnings and signs of the trend towards the digital economy and digitization that have become real, and it is one of the features of the new global economic order, which has withdrawn to all areas of life, and global activities are educational, healthy and commercial, and when we search for the position of Iraq among nations in the field of pursuing the digital economy, we find it at the bottom.

The list is certainly due to the development the world has reached, and this has negative repercussions on the reality of the country's economy, regardless of its wealth if it catches up and deals with the system of technological development and the era of digitization to benefit from the speed of time investment, reduction of costs and the arrival of commercial services,

and here I mean the requirements of reconstruction, construction and investment quickly In order for our country to proceed at an accelerating pace to catch up with the world and benefit from this development, it is necessary to bring about a technological revolution, the infrastructure of which is available in the presence of computer engineers who are designed and programmers with excellent experience. Why did we not invest them?

Some of them have converged with international companies in developed countries and provided them with prestigious opportunities..

So for how long will we lose our human capabilities, and all that we need to stimulate investment in the field of entrepreneurship, by encouraging the establishment of multi-activity companies that contribute to the success of electronic commerce and its advanced services?

Extensive work for unemployed youth, especially those with skills with university degrees through the establishment of private companies supporting services, this is what concerns the private sector and the state is required to support with facilities and supportive laws.

With regard to the public sector, it is the most important target in developing and acquiring specialized technologies for the transition to the digital economy, and here It is imperative to target education, health, the banking and insurance sector, as well as the service ministries related to citizens' requirements.

It must be noted that we need more training and qualification at the hands of international experts with a long history in this field, in order to accelerate the implementation of the programs for the transition to the digital economy. And to talk the rest.

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