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Iraq does not build slogans, and investments and achievements must be encouraged

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Iraq does not build slogans, and investments and achievements must be encouraged

Thunder Hadi mighty 39 November 23 2020
Dr.. Raadhadi Jabara ☆ ||

After publishing two articles for me on the obstacles to foreign investment in Iraq, and the insistence of some influential parties on its failure and "chasing it", in October of the year 2020 AD, the articles circulated a large number of Iraqi, London, Arab and Iranian newspapers and websites, and a large number of Forums, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook;

Many and different reactions emerged, between supporters and conservatives, critic, indignant, opposition, and skeptic, some of which contain rude words, accusing the poor God of sick matters, sinful suspicions, and perceptions that have no share of reality.

And I received all these reactions with an understanding, a dream, and a generous heart, and I understood the motives of its writers and carried them well, from concern for the land of Iraq, and concern about the malicious ambitions of the House of Saud, in the water and soil of Iraq, present and future.

And I decided to fold a scarf and overlook the inappropriate talk, destructive criticism and the hurtful attack that I had, which I had never witnessed during my journalistic writing and writing practices from 1981 to 2020.

Today, however, I read an article by brother and friend Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Al-Rifai, and an article by brother and friend Muhammad Abdul-Jabbar Al-Shabout, presenting some of the accusations and attacks against them and denying what is attributed to them, falsely and in disguise.

Which encouraged me to raise the pen and write this article to say to everyone who supported and appreciated the two articles, and everyone who frowned and offended and thought I was wrong, thank you all, and God forgave me and you.

(Oh God, do not take me for what they say, forgive me for what they do not know, and make me better than they think).

In sum, what I wanted to focus on in the two articles: that the Iraqi economy needs to attract foreign and local investments and attract investors, just as the neighbor Iran did before us and it attracted many Saudi investors, so they established factories of oils, juices, foodstuffs, butter, canned goods, appetizers and soy And syrups and others.

Among the most prominent of these Gulf businessmen (Adel Al-Aujan, Sulaiman Al-Muhaidib, Nadim Al-Saqqaf and others), great efforts were made to persuade others such as (Majid Al-Futtaim, Abdullah Al-Futtaim, Hussein Al-Fardan, Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, and others) And it did not bear fruit.

And Tehran succeeded in stimulating investments from Saudi businessmen despite the martyrdom of 469 Iranian pilgrims and the injury of twice this number in the center of Makkah in 1987 AD, and despite the death of 464 Iranian pilgrims by suffocation in 2015 AD in the Mina tragedy and wounding 159 others, and Riyadh did not pay any Iranian blood money.

But the Iranian government has diagnosed - and rightly so - that the economy is one thing and political and sectarian differences are another.


When we want to criticize an article or an idea, we should not direct arrows of hatred and slander at its author, nor do we start from mistrust, betrayal and contempt.

Do not look at who said and look at what was said. Moreover, Iraq is neither built nor prospered by slogans nor by thwarting investments, displacing companies and imposing royalties on them, nor by silencing, breaking pens, and attacking energies.


A 7-star hotel that a group of 3 Iranian banks have been trying to complete in a holy Iraqi city for 10 years, but there are those who make obstacles, inhibitions, arguments and pretexts.

After that, how can a foreign investor have incentives to come up with his billions to dump them in a minefield ?? Just asking.

☆ Islamic researcher
And a former diplomat.

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