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Agricultural investment and its role in building the state and society

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Agricultural investment and its role in building the state and society

Sami Al-Tamimi
105 2020-09-09

 Sami Al-Tamimi || The circumstances that unfolded on our Arab countries, including Iraq, in coups, revolutions, conspiracies, calamities, strife, wars, religious, sectarian, ethnic, tribal, and partisan recharge.

Neglect and lack of clarity in visions, indifference, fear, poverty, subservience and humiliation.

All this was the reason for the rise of the rule of power by corrupt classes and reckless gangs claiming religion, nationalism, patriotism, democracy and civilization.

Until they were able to establish deep states within a single state for their parties, sects, ethnicities, clans, and families.

This was a great disappointment and despair for their fans and the people.

And it generated devastation, deterioration and delay in various levels and sectors, including agriculture.

Many owners of farms and orchards left their lands and headed towards cities and populated communities, where factories, factories, small and large workshops, and other jobs, both governmental and private, were located.

This created great deterioration and confusion in agriculture, industry, housing, services, transportation, health, and all life facilities.

It was also the cause of desertification and the emergence of sand dunes in some areas of Iraq, and the rise in temperatures and the increase of dust storms that negatively affected love, buildings, the environment, people, health and psychology.

And it was another factor in the proliferation of random phenomena that are worrisome and not surprising in the world, which are the cause of the spread of poverty, deprivation, disease, epidemics and crime, and there are many international reports in this regard.

In addition to all these reasons, they distort the aesthetic and urban planning, including the capital, Baghdad.

This is considered a deliberate and clear failure by state institutions and society in general.

To make matters worse. That some politicians, including parliamentarians, have negatively affected city plans, programs, and laws, and the work of state agencies (by settling slums).

He made sure that he was standing by the citizen.

Or it may be for political and electoral reasons, or a weakness in the administration of the state and its institutions.

This interference by politicians is wrong, rejected and must end..

Iraq has a lot of vast unexploited areas for agriculture.

We have many important and fresh water resources.

Unfortunately, it is lost and jealousy is exploited scientifically, practically and economically, and it goes daily to the Arabian Gulf and from there to the seas and oceans.

Therefore, we have to think seriously about the construction of dams and lakes, large and small.

In order to be a permanent stock of water and a tourist facility that helps the state increase income.

And an important factor in the low temperatures, as well as the optimal rationing of water, eliminating small branches of rivers connecting to farms and orchards for the purpose of watering them and replacing them with a large and small network of pipes with meters and their delivery in a scientific and thoughtful manner, in order to preserve the water wealth and reduce losses while running for long distances..

We have a lot of young, educated, promising and beautiful experiences.

Unfortunately, it is also idle, frozen and neglected, and it poses a great threat to the state and society if it is properly described.

We.Serious thinking of opening the door to investment for the world’s giant and sober companies in the field of agriculture and the investment of these lands and young unemployed energies.

Or for it to be an investment by the specialized Iraqi ministries, for example, agriculture, irrigation, labor, and some government companies in planning and establishing model farms with refrigerated stores in order to contribute to filling the need of Iraq and not having to import the initiative in decorating and afforestation campaigns at the entrances to cities and their outskirts with stray trees that are characterized by their greenness in summer and winter.

Establishing small lakes that do not exceed 10 dunums on the outskirts of cities with playgrounds for children and adults by providing sports equipment intended only for public parks, which have recently spread in most cities of the world.

Green areas, trees, farms, orchards, and flowers all help to calm the soul and feel energetic, energetic and loving life.

And it gives an aesthetic to cities and increases their glory and prices.

To advance life and people for a better future.  

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