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Conference to examine the joints of the Economic Development and evaluation of laws for attracting investment

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Held mid-month
BAGHDAD - Al Sabah held in the middle of this month, an expanded conference for a reality with the active participation of the investment by major international companies and private sector companies to the companies by the government sector.
Director of the Center Iraqi economic development on the Hilfi - the organizer of the conference - said in an interview for "morning" that studied the effect of investment in the country is the most important joints of activating economic sectors, both production of, or service, stressing the need to stand at the legislation laws governing the investment business in the country , and that all the joints, especially the economy and sectors need the efforts of international investment companies
And local communities that have developed from experience, that can accomplish specific projects periods of time.
He Hilfi "that the Iraqi economy suffers many imbalances in more than one side," pointing out that the calls increased to attract global investment firms to implement projects in various sectors of industrial, agricultural and service to reach positive results in the field of development.
He continued, "that the center began to embrace the idea of organizing a conference senior economist, during which examine the reality of domestic investment in a more transparent, where to stand when all the paragraphs of the Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006, as amended, and the desired and the laws in force in the institutions associated with the affairs of the investment."
Hilfi said the call for international companies from Europe, America and the regional countries to attend along with the Iraqi private sector in their various specialties and to sit at round tables from which to negotiate formulas joint cooperation between the two sides to work in the country during the coming period, the beneficiaries of the total investment opportunities of large and wide that are available in All regions of Iraq and in all economic fields. He noted that the center was based in the preparation of its plan of action on the national strategy prepared by the government of the country and the development of economic sectors, is expected to be 2012, the start of actual towards the construction and economic development, especially after I went on the government to give the private sector leading role in the economic action, noting that accompany the delegations of businessmen and economists to the Prime Minister during his tour of international and most recently his visit to Japan and the broad understandings Tdarsthe committees of the private sector in both countries and resulted in positive results in various economic sectors are important steps in the economic field.
Returning to the theme of the conference the investment, said Mohammad Naeem Muhammad media spokesman for the Centre: The purpose of inviting international companies of this size to Baghdad and dialogue with it comes to promoting the economic development program that was sought by Iraq, and that the initiative comes after the act of government support for private sector and pay to take the lead of the partnership and the payment of investment companies to enter into the field of actual work within the country, noting that the economic problems of complex need the efforts of many international companies that have Altguenanat sophisticated and capital which they can bring life to damaged infrastructure in the general areas of the country, which all participants access to the mechanisms of joint action to achieve economic development.
He noted that the center work on the selection of the most prominent economic profile in the country, which will be announced during this conference, in addition to that there is an evaluation of the work of most of the workers in economic sectors, public and private, and the extent of their role in addressing domestic economic problems.

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