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The census draws plans for future development

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The census draws plans for future development

Wed Feb 15, 2020 81
Baghdad / Hussein Thagab
Shukran Al-Fatlawi

Experts and specialists who participated in the second conference of the Iraqi Statistical Society under the slogan (Population Census .. Development Paths) unanimously agreed on the role of the census in drawing future development plans that are in harmony with the actual need of society for projects that advance the reality of life.

The conference was held with the participation of research from several countries, especially the awards, Egypt, the United States, Britain, Syria and Malaysia, in cooperation between the Governance Foundation for Directors and the University of Chic.

A pivotal role

The Minister of Planning and the representative of Prime Minister Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi said that "the conference represents a great support for the census project that is implemented at the end of this year, and the census decision is important electronically and plays a pivotal role in redrawing plans in the economic, urban and social areas according to accurate statistical data."

It is noteworthy that the population was organized periodically every ten years, but it did not continue after 2003 due to political interactions.

He said that "the period that did not witness the census resulted in a retreat in the joints of the infrastructures and others, hence the importance of the census carried out by smart devices and with reduced physical and human efforts."

Reality of development

The head of the Iraqi Statistics Association, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, said that "the conference comes with the aim of explaining the importance of the population census on the reality of the economic development that the country seeks, as it is possible to benefit from successful international experiences in this field, especially since a number of countries of the world have valuable participation in this conference.

Through several specialized researches, as preparations for this conference spanned an entire year."

Al-Alaq called on "all statisticians to provide assistance in the implementation of the census", and reviewed the role of the United Nations Population Fund in developing local staff and access to countries' experiences with a view to implementing a safe population census in accordance with international standards.

And that "the concerned authorities take important and sound steps in order to complete the census process in an optimal way, especially since the census is one of the priorities of the ministry's work."

Development policies

In turn, the head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association, Wadih Al-Handal, stressed "the important role of the population census in drawing up development policies for Iraq during the coming period."

He added during his speech at the conference: "Organizing a conference for the census of the population, because of the importance of the issue and the results that will follow on the fate of Iraq.

From this standpoint, a conference on this was organized by (the Iraqi Society for Statistical Sciences in cooperation with the National International University's Chic University and the Rafidain University College and the UN Fund For housing)."

Despite the challenges, the Iraqi banking sector has evolved structurally, structurally and technically during the past five years through its contribution to economic activities with a direct developmental impact on achieving sustainable development as mentioned in the National Development Plan (2018-2022) and Iraq’s Vision 2030 and the approach to poverty reduction based on our keenness As a private banking sector that constitutes the first basic link in the economy and to emphasize our dedication to this approach, we participate today in this discussion seminar, which is organized in partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq, the Association of Banks, the Governance Foundation for managers, sponsoring and supportive academic universities, and p Mieh specializes in an important and vital subject upon which all economic sectors, a general census of the population and the implications of the success of the census on the success of the development plans referred to previously."

Safe life

The representative of the Governance Foundation to the directors Sazan Imad showed that "the importance of preparing a special conference for the population stems from the importance of the issue and the results that will follow on the fate of Iraq.

From this standpoint, the conference was organized, which contributes to setting the right policies and drawing strategies that guarantee the protection of the rights of all of our children for a life Safe and happy, it is necessary to know the correct population census for the Iraqi society on which fateful decisions will be based on, as it creates job opportunities for youth and draws up the necessary policies to reduce unemployment, poverty and social problems related to it, and to ensure their right to Or building their own projects, which will contribute directly to the economic development of the country as a productive element and effective rather than a consumer."

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