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***Oil announces oil production rising to three fields to more than 1.0009 million barrels a day

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Wednesday, 30 T 2 2011 12:57 GMT

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The Ministry of Oil in Baghdad, Wednesday, rising for the Iraqi oil production for the three fields to more than 1.0009 million barrels a day, confirming that this rise came after the presentation of those fields for development on the international oil companies in licensing rounds first.

The Director General of the Department contracts and licenses in the Ministry of Oil Abdul Mahdi al-Amidi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "increases in oil production during the last period came from the three fields are Rumaila, Zubair, West Qurna within the first licensing round," noting that "those increases the production of these fields amounted to 500 thousand barrels a day. "

The Amidi, that "the current production in the Rumaila oilfield between 1.00025 million A to 1.0003 million bpd, up from primary production to him of 1,000,066 thousand barrels per day and an increase of 200 to 250 thousand barrels per day," adding that "the production of the Zubair field at the present time is between 250 thousand barrels per day to 270 thousand, after the initial production of the field of 184 thousand barrels per day and an increase of 80 to 85 thousand barrels a day. "

He Amidi, that "the production of the West Qurna field amounted to 350 thousand barrels per day, after the production of 244 thousand barrels per day and an increase of 106 thousand barrels," pointing out that "there are some increases of the few in the production of Maysan fields ranging from 10 to 15 thousand barrels a day. "

The Amidi, that "the first round of oil licenses to invest the Rumaila field, which was won by the two companies (CI to C) of China, Inc. (BP) British, seek to reach the roof of a productive field of 2.85 million barrels per day during the next six years," he that "this tour also aims to be a production of West Qurna field, won by Exxon Mobil, Shell Anglo-Dutch to 2,000,225 thousand barrels per day during the next six years."

The Amidi, "presumably of companies, Italy's ENI and Kocaz Korean and U.S. Occidental Petroleum, which won the development of the Zubair oil field in Basra, the production of the field to reach 1.0002 million barrels during the next six years."

The Iraqi Oil Ministry signed on 29 October 2010, a contract with Exxon Mobil and Shell Anglo-Dutch to develop the West Qurna field, also signed on 2 November of 2010, a contract oil with a coalition of international companies led by Italy's Eni to develop Zubair, also signed a contract on November 3 of 2010 with a consortium of British companies BP and China National to develop the Rumaila oil field.

She ran a major international energy companies in the first licensing round in July 2009, at a public auction on the management contracts of six oil fields and gas fields are Bai Hassan and Rumaila, Zubair, West Qurna and loose change, and Abu West and between the population and the Akkas and Mansuriyah, and distributed to the cities of Basra, Amara, Kirkuk, Baquba and Anbar.

Iraq seeks through the development of oil fields and presented to the international companies, to reach a production of at least 11 million barrels per day within the next six years, to 12 million barrels per day after the addition of the quantities of the other fields of national effort.

Iraq exports crude oil from the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya on the Persian Gulf, as well as the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean, and through the truck by truck to Jordan, and Iraq currently produces about 2.0005 million barrels of crude oil per day, and the percentage of Iraqi exports from the Basra oil 90 %, while the remaining issue of Kirkuk.

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